Does Frontier Have First Class?

Yes, Frontier airline has first class. According to the airline policy, Frontier Airlines first class is based on availability. You can add that while making a before or after making a reservation. But still, you can purchase the stretch seating on the Frontier and get some extra facilities such as more legroom, extra recline, early boarding, and many other options. All these add-on options will be included if you have paid additional fees.

  • If you are a member of an elite club such as 20K status, you can pick the best class seats according to your comfort free.
  • You can also take the help of a credit card statement to avoid the frontier seat fees.

What do you get in the first class at Frontier?

You will get the most comfortable and cushioned frontier airlines first class seats with a pitch up to 28 and 31 inches which is the distance from your seat to the back of the seat in front of you. Frontier Airlines has an extra seating area of five to seven inches of pitch. Frontier offers its aircraft five or six stretch rows, including exit rows. Other options you also receive while traveling with the first class seat.

  • Carry on
  • Seat assignment
  • Family pooling
  • Priority boarding
  • Waived redemptions fees
  • Last seat availability
  • Stretch seating
  • amenity kits
  • priority boarding

This additional service might vary based on traveling routes, so for confirmation, you can reach out to the airline customer service team.

Do you get free drinks on Frontier's first class?

You may get free drinks or snacks once you get the frontier airlines first-class tickets. But you can purchase custom-made meals according to your health. For that, you need to connect with the airline's customer service. The drinks include authentic wines and other vintage beverages (alcoholic and nonalcoholic ). Apart from drinks, you will also get in-flight entertainment, such as a personal VCR in which you can stream your regional language shows for better entertainment.

What kind of seats does Frontier Airlines have?

Frontier Airlines have two different seat types—standard as well as stretch. The pitch of the seat and width numbers may vary based on the plane you are traveling with. And you can get information about seat width and dimensions by reading below.

  • Stretch ( all planes ): 36" rows (1 to 3)
  • 38" pitch ( row 13) 18" width
  • Standard A319 V1: 31" pitch, 17 "to 19" width
  • Standard A320 (V! And V2 ): 28" to 29" pitch, 17" to 19" width
  • Standard A321: 28" to 29" pitch, 16.5" to 19" pitch.

Are seats on Frontier Airlines comfortable?

Yes, once you are onboard, you can enjoy the widest seats in the industry, ergonomically designed for comfort. You will get extra features with the frontier seats such as comfy, modern design, pre-reclined ( protect your space ) extra cushioning, more personal space, and environmentally friendly. You will also get inflight service, early off the aircraft, full comfort recline, and laptop friendly.

If you have questions or queries and want to know about frontier airlines first class review, then you can connect with the customer service executive via a toll-free number available 24 hours, available from Monday to Sunday. To contact the executive, dial the helpline number of the airline 720-902-3969. The number will connect you with professionals who will resolve your query immediately. 

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