Can I bring a dog on Avianca?

Making the reservation with Avianca is easy if you want to travel with your pet. You can add the pet when you are booking a flight ticket. Avianca is one of the well-known airlines, and it provides numerous services and facilities to passengers. They will offer multiple ways to add the pet to the reservation. Before that, you must carry all the information about the essential terms and conditions for Avianca travel pet reviews. The airline sets numerous rules for the pet, and you must go through them. If you need assistance, then you do not need to worry. We will give you detailed information in the article mentioned below.

The airline sets various rules and regulations to carry your pet in the cabin. You will be enlighted with Avianca's pet policy in the below-mentioned read:

  • Avianca has set a specific age limit for the dogs that can be carried on the plane while traveling. The dog you take must be 7 to 8 months old.

  • Before boarding the flight with your dog, it is vital to prepare for them. You must bring a separate ticket for your pet and inform the customer support executive about their presence before taking the flight.

  • The passenger must submit all the required documents to the airline while making the reservation with the pet.

Does Avianca allow pets in the cabin?

Yes, you can carry pets in the cabin in Avianca. They will allow only one pet; the pet carrier dimensions must be placed under your seat's front. If you need any help, then contact the customer service representative. They will help you with your concerns.

What breeds are restricted in Avianca?

Avianca allows you to carry a pet on the plane. However, for the sake of other passengers' safety and convenience, they have restricted some breeds in the cabin. There are numerous breeds that you can not bring along with you are listed below:

  • Bulldog.

  • Chinese Shar Pei.

  • English Bulldog.

  • Japanese Spaniel.

  • French Bulldog.

  • Belgian Griffon.

  • Boston Terrier.

What is the size of the cabin for a pet in Avianca?

Avianca has set the weight for the pet you can carry in the cabin. Avianca pet carrier size should be 22 by 14 by 10 inches. Your pet's weight must be at least 22 pounds, including the container.

What do I need to travel with my dog to Colombia?

If you are traveling with a pet, then there are multiple documents that you need to submit to the helpdesk. Avianca pet requirements are an original health certificate signed by the doctor, which states that your dog is fit to travel, vaccination certificates, and other papers as required.

How do I add a pet on Avianca?

Avianca provides various ways to add a pet on the flight. Depending on the requirement, select the mode. If you have the tiniest minor information about the ways, go through the paragraph below.

At the pet through the online process:

You can use the online medium to add a pet to the cabin. It is one of the efficient and rapid ways. To utilize this mode, you must follow the steps described below:

  • Navigate to the official Avianca web link.

  • On the homepage, you will get the Book Your Flight option. Click on that.

  • Fill out the departure from, arrival at, and traveling date in the following boxes. Tap on the search flight link.

  • Now, you will get the details of all the flights on your screen. Choose the ticket at your convenience.

  • Tap on the Services option and then click on the pet link.

  • Once you complete the procedure, the airline will send you the verification message via email or mobile.

Visit the airport to add the pet:

You can add a pet at the airport. To get this service, you need to submit ID proof, your pet's medical certificate, a copy of the passport, and other required documents to carry a pet. Once you submit the documents, the customer support executive will provide the ticket. 

Contact customer service to add a pet:

You can also connect with the customer service representative to add a pet to the ticket. The calling process is one of the productive ways, and you need to dial 1 800 722 8222, the customer support number. Once the call gets connected, you need to follow the steps provided below:

  • The call will be forwarded to the automated voice of the computer.

  • It will assist you with the IVR option.

  • Listen to it carefully and select the key.

  • The call will be routed to the designated live agent.


You must know their rules and regulations on carrying a pet on Avianca. For more help, you can also use the official website.

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