How early can you check in for Pegasus?

Passengers are recommended to check in at least three hours before the scheduled flight departure time for an international flight; however, you can check in at least 60 minutes before the domestic flight departure time at the Airport to avoid inconvenience. If you want to proceed with web check-in, the online  Pegasus check-in is available 24- 72 hours before the scheduled flight departure time, which is subject to the flight to flight, and the online check-in windows are closed 60 -30 minutes before the departure. To learn more, you can check the Pegasus Check-in Policy discussed below.

  • Pegasus online check-in for international flights closed 60 minutes and 45 minutes for domestic flights before departure.

  • As per Pegasus Check-in Policy, you are advised to reach the Airport at least 2 hours or 1 hour before departure to avoid inconvenience.

  • Passengers can check in online, at the kiosk, or the airport check-in counter.

  • The boarding gate closes 20 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time.

Does Pegasus charge to check-in at the Airport?

Yes, Pegasus Airline charges the Check-in fee for the tickets purchased via the official website, mobile app, reservation phone number, and at the Airport ticket counter. However, travelers can avoid the check-in charges only if the purchased ticket does not specify the way where passengers can check-in.

What time does Pegasus check-in close?

As per Pegasus Airline Check-in Policy, Passengers are advised to visit the nearby Airport early to avoid inconvenience to the Airport, and for smooth travel, the Airline suggests completing all the check-in formalities at the Airport counter, for which you must know the Pegasus Check-in time here is the breakdown of the closing time.

  • If you have booked a domestic flight, reaching the airport check-in desk at least 45 minutes before the desired flight's scheduled time would be best to avoid the consequences at the airport.

  • All the Check-in processes for international flights will be terminated 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

  • Passengers are advised to reach the Airport at least 2 hours before the international flight and 60 minutes before the domestic flight.

How much luggage does Pegasus allow?

Flying with Pegasus wants to know how much luggage you can bring, so it is always good to check the Pegasus Checked Baggage Rules before flying to get accurate information. Passengers can carry all their stuff carefully and do not need to troubleshoot the consequences at the Airport Baggage Counter. This guide includes all the significant baggage allowance rules, including fees, to make your task easier.

  • Passengers flying on international flights can bring one under-seat bag, one cabin bag, and checked baggage if they have purchased the Saver, Saver Plus, and Comfort Flex fare class.

  • Domestic flight travelers who have booked Essentials or Business Flex tickets have the flexibility to bring one cabin baggage with a weight limit of 15 kg and one checked baggage with a weight limit of 20 kg.

  • Remember that the Pegasus Economy ticket for domestic and International flights does not provide free checked baggage. If you want to carry checked luggage, the Airline will charge the baggage fee, subject to the travel distance, weight, and Airline membership.

  • Travelers can purchase the extra checked baggage that lasts up to 2 hours before the flight takes off.

  • In case your checked baggage exceeds the allowed limit as per Airline policy, there are no worries as you can instantly purchase the extra baggage limit OF up to an additional 50kg; however, the maximum weight limit of any baggage is 32 kg.

  • If you wish to carry sports equipment such as a Golf kit, which includes 14 golf clubs, 24 balls, and 1 pair of shoes, then the traveler may be required to pay USD 30.

  • However, passengers should pay the extra charges of USD 30 - 50 to carry other sports equipment.

Is Pegasus strict with Baggage?

The Airline follows fixed and strict rules for Baggage as per the Pegasus Check-in Baggage Policy, allowing travelers to bring one check-in baggage and checked baggage no longer than 20kg. However, if you want to carry extra baggage or your baggage is overweight. Travelers can easily purchase the additional weight by paying the fee, which depends on the fare type, travel distance, and destination the customer has booked.

Can I carry a backpack and a carry-on Pegasus?

The airline allows you to bring specific carry-on bags on domestic or international flights, such as personal handbags, laptop bags, umbrellas, and duty-free bags, for which no fee will be charged. To know more details about the same, you should check the complete article as you will get answers to all your questions.

What is Pegasus cabin baggage allowance?

If you are flying with Pegasus and want to know the weight limit permitted by the airline on Pegasus Cabin Baggage Allowance, then here you will find the certain weight foundations per different fare classes.

  • In addition, customers can carry one personal bag, such as a laptop bag, which is not larger than 35*20*25cm.

  • Each traveler can escort one carry bag with a weight limit of 8kg and not larger than 55*45*25cm, excluding business class customers.

  • Pegasus Business Class travelers can bring one carry-on baggage up to 12kg.

  • In addition, customers can carry one personal bag, such as a laptop bag, which is not larger than 35*20*25cm.

What items are forbidden on Pegasus Flights?

For passengers traveling for the first time with Pegasus then, it is mandatory to learn about Pegasus Airlines' checked baggage restrictions and carry-on bag restrictions, which are discussed below.

  • You are not supposed to carry any liquid food items or alcohol in carry-ons.

  • If you have not purchased additional luggage, be cautious while shopping duty-free.

  • Sharp - blunt objects, explosives, and flammables that can cause harm to the aircraft are not allowed in the cabin.

  • Cosmetic products that are not more than 100 ml should not be carried in your handbag.

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