Pick your preferable one between Singapore and Malaysia airlines to travel

When you plan a trip to visit your desired destination, you get many flight options from airlines to select, which is a very hard task. Due to more competition in the airline sector, all the airlines provide several facilities and try to make your journey more economical and convenient. Singapore Airlines and Malaysian airlines are the oldest airlines that offer different facilities, and most passengers regularly travel with these airlines. If you are confused between Malaysia airlines vs. Singapore airlines and cannot choose the flight to visit any destination, then you need to read below. 

Covering destinations

Singapore airline

Singapore Airlines is a flag carrier covering more than 130 destinations and destinations in Southeast Asia, Europe, West Asia, Africa, etc. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Singapore airlines stopped some flights for the limited destination but restarted the starting phase of 2022 for all their destinations. The common destination of Singapore airlines is mentioned below. 

  • Chicago
  • Amsterdam
  • Melbourne
  • New Delhi
  • Beijing
  • Hanoi

Malaysia airlines 

Malaysia airlines covered more than 118 domestic destinations in Malaysia and around 114 destinations worldwide across six continents in 2006. But according to the new reports in 2017, Malaysia airlines goes to only 57 destinations across Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe. The common destinations of Malaysian airlines are below mention. 

  • Sydney
  • Mumbai
  • Cape Town
  • Moscow
  • Rome
  • Dhaka

Singapore and Malaysia airlines Frequent flyer programs

Singapore Airlines

Singapore airlines provide the Kriss flyer programs to their passenger, and the passenger will get a discount if they make the bookings using Singapore Airlines miles. Every passenger wants to receive premium treatments while traveling, and in the Kriss flyer program, you can get this benefit. Every time the passenger travels, they earn miles which they use for the next journey and cut the cost of the tickets. Kriss flyer miles are also used to make the bookings from fly scoot airlines. 

Malaysian airlines

Malaysian airlines also have a flyer program named Enrich, and you can easily participate in Enrich, and use takes advantage of premium bookings. It is free; you can enjoy exclusive rewards, earn points, free Malaysia airlines golden lounge access, dining, etc. There are many offers like 2X your points and 50% bonus enrich points, which you can get from flyer programs. 

Traveling comfort

Singapore Airlines 

While traveling, the airline's seats play an important role, and Singapore airlines have several seats from which the passenger needs to choose their preferred seat. Singapore airlines provide Suites, first class or business class seats for premium bookings, which you can choose anytime. You can choose Premium economy class seats anytime, and if you want extra legroom, you can go with the premium economy seat. You also get the option of Economy class, in which you cannot select the seat; Singapore airlines will allow you to seat automatically. 

Malaysia airlines

Malaysia Airlines has different seat types: Economy class, business class, and premium seats. In economy class, you will get a standard seat, Laptop power but no Wi-Fi access. In a Business class seat, you will get an extra legroom seat with Wi-Fi access, and in premium bookings, you will get a flatbed with other additional benefits. 

In the above, you will learn about Malaysia Airlines vs. Singapore Airlines economy class and choose any airline per your preference. 

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