Who is better Delta or Alaska?

It is very difficult to compare Delta and Alaska airlines as they are renowned, and both are known for their smooth onboard procedure and in-flight services. Delta and Alaska are the major airlines when it comes to fleet size. But still, if you want to know which airline will be better for you to your dream destination and explore new things with a great experience with your companion, then you must go through with the information provided below to choose between Alaska airlines vs. Delta airlines, which will suit you the most. Before comparing anything, passengers should know what your requirements are because both airlines have their own features and facilities, which come at different price scales.

When it comes to flight coverage, both airlines have a worldwide footprint, whereas Alaska only covers 120 destinations. On the other hand, Delta covers 275 across the six continents. Delta covers more destinations than Alaska. Additionally, both the airlines have their own loyalty programs, which will help you to get an answer to "is Alaska better than delta."

Alaska's loyalty program: Mileage Plan, and Delta's loyalty program: SkyMiles but with a huge difference.

Loyalty program: Alaska airlines vs. Delta

Alaska's loyalty program: Mileage Plan

In the Mileage plan, the airline provides travel credits to their passengers on the basis of hours of traveling, no matter how much passengers have paid to book their flight ticket. The more flight traveling hours, the better the travel credits.

Delta's loyalty program: SkyMiles

In Delta'sDelta's loyalty program, the case is a little different. Travel credits depend upon how much a passenger has paid for their flight ticket, no matter how long the flight was. Even if it is a long flight, it is affordable. It will impact the travel credits of the passenger. 


When it comes to their traveling expenses, like the cost of carrying luggage, passengers need to make a choice of whether Alaska is better or Delta. Both airlines have almost the same prices. In Alaska, the passengers need to pay $30 for a check-in bag, and if they are carrying two -three bags with them, they need to pay $40 - $100 for each bag. But in delta airlines, the prices of the bags are according to their weights. If the bag weighs 23kgs the cost of the bag will be $30, and if your second bag is also weighing 23 kg or under, the passenger will be eligible to pay $40.

Delta vs. Alaska seats

If you have a doubt likewise Delta vs Alaska seats here, you might find an appropriate comparison. Seats play a vital role when passengers have a long flight to have a wonderful flight experience with comfortable leg space. Let's see which airlines offer ergonomically correct seats to the passengers. Alaska offers 41 inches seats to passengers who are traveling 670 miles along with free WiFi access for mobile devices and 800 movies. However, Delta offers 35 inches seats to the passengers even if they are traveling 900 miles; Delta does not offer WiFi service to the passengers. For in-flight entertainment, delta airlines provide 300 movies. If we compare Alaska airlines vs. Delta first class, there is not much difference between them, Delta offers only in-flight meal services, and Alaska offers more leg room to the passengers and more choices in in-flight meals.

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