What is United airlines policy about pregnant passengers?

United Airlines has a very distinctive policy for female passengers who are expecting. The Airline sincerely takes care of the pregnant passenger to make her journey safe and comfortable. If you are pregnant and traveling with United Airlines, there are some formalities you have to complete before you board the scheduled flight. These formalities are necessary for the Airline because if you need any medical help at the airport or on the flight, the Airline should be able to help you.

What is the United Airlines pregnancy policy?

  •  If you are pregnant and traveling before the 36th week, you are not required to inform United Airlines. But it would always be advisable to keep the Airlines informed about your condition in case of any medical emergency while you are at the airport or onboard.
  • If you are above the 36th week of pregnancy, you will need a fitness certificate from an obstetrician certifying that you are fit to fly. You must have three copies, one original and two true copies of the fitness certificate.
  • The certificate from the doctor must state that you are fit to fly and there are no health complications whatsoever.
  • You will have to give the aforesaid doctor's fitness certificate at the counter while checking in.

United Airlines pregnancy policy international flight:

  • There are no restrictions on travel for pregnant ladies to travel on international flights on United Airlines.
  • If you are expecting and above 28 weeks, you will need to give a fitness certificate by an obstetrician made not before 72 hours of the flight certifying that you are fit to take a flight for more than four hours.
  • The obstetrician certificate must clearly state that you are healthy and fit to take an international flight that may last more than four hours and has no health complications.
  • You must give the original copy of the doctor's certificate at the counter and have true copies for any medical emergency.
  • It is advisable to inform the Airline about any health conditions like morning sickness, food allergy, or issues because of your pregnancy.

United Airlines pregnancy guidelines:

  • As a general rule, you can travel safely in your first semester of pregnancy if you have a normal pregnancy without any health complications.
  • Traveling in the second semester can pose a risk, and you may face difficulties onboard. So it is advisable not to travel in your second and third trimesters unless urgent.
  • If you are traveling on an international flight that may last more than four hours after 28 weeks of pregnancy, you must consult your doctor to give you clearance for the journey along with a certificate of fitness. 
  • If you are flying on a domestic flight in your second or third trimester, the flight time may be up to four hours or more; you must be sure about your health before taking the flight. In this case, you will have to get a fit certificate from a doctor to certify that you are fit to travel.
  • If you are an asthma patient or have any heart ailments, you are advised not to fly when expecting.
  • You must inform the onboard airline staff if you have any complications like food allergies, swollen feet, or bloating problems. The staff of United Airlines will assist and take good care of you to make your journey comfortable and safe.
  • The Airline will not be responsible if there is a health complication or loss in your pregnancy at the airport and on the flight.
  • United Airlines strongly advises lady passengers to avoid flying during advanced pregnancy. 

United airlines pregnancy restrictions

  • You will not be allowed to fly without a doctor's certificate after 28 weeks of pregnancy 
  • You will not be allowed if you have any health complications relating to your pregnancy
  • You must give complete information to the Airline about your health condition before boarding the flight.
  • You must have someone to escort you on your journey.

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