What is the refund policy of Jazeera Airways?

Jazeera Airways is the air carrier of Kuwait. They have provided numerous facilities and have wide policies for the passengers for travel convenience. If you have purchased a flight ticket with Jazeera Airways, which you are required to cancel, then here you will find the terms and conditions of Jazeera Airways refund policy and other related information like the procedure of applying for a refund and checking the status of the refund. 

The Refund Policy of Jazeera Airways

  • A flight ticket cancellation should be made 24 hours after the purchase if you want to obtain a full refund from Jazeera Airways. The full refund is applicable only to those passengers who have purchased the flight ticket 7 days prior to the boarding date and canceled within 24 hours.
  • The flight ticket which was canceled after passing 24 hours from the purchase time will not be eligible for the Jazeera Airways full refund. Then the administration charges and the applied taxes will be deducted from the paid amount, and the rest will be refunded to the person. 
  • The flight ticket should have been canceled before the boarding time if you hope to apply for a refund. 
  • If the cancellation of your flight is made by Jazeera Airways, then you will get a full refund of the purchase amount.
  • The cancellation of a flight ticket due to a 3 or more 3 hours delay will also be eligible for a full refund. 
  • The ticket cancellations made due to severe health conditions are mainly eligible for a full refund, or only the taxes will be deducted based on the condition. For this, the medical certificates should be submitted at the time of refund request. 
  • If the flight ticket purchase was made with a credit card or the online payment mode, the refund would be transferred on the same mode by Jazeera Airways within 7 working days.
  • If the flight ticket purchase was made with cash or cheque, then you have to provide the bank details to receive the refund, which will be processed within 14 working days.  

How to obtain a refund from Jazeera Airways?

If you have consulted the refund policy and now wondering about applying for a Jazeera Airways refund, there are a few methods that you can consider, and the details are given below:

Fill out a Refund Form 

You can submit the refund request by filling out a form provided by Jazeera Airways. There you have to mention the canceled flight details and the reason, and how you would like to obtain the refund. The request can be made online anytime using the website. You have to follow these given steps to fill out the refund form:

  • Visit the website of Jazeera Airways on your browser,
  • On the bottom bar of the website, tap the “Contact Us” option,
  • Then look for the Refund window on the page,
  • After that, you will get the refund form on your screen,
  • Put your personal information in the columns,
  • Then add the flight details which has been canceled,
  • Choose your preferred medium for obtaining the refund,
  • Then attach the required documents on the form,
  • And at last, click on the “Submit Refund Request” button. 

Contact Customer Service

You can get in touch with a person at Jazeera Airways customer service to request a refund for your canceled flight. There you will receive detailed guidance from the person who will also submit the request for your refund on the call. Here you will find those steps that are needed to be followed for contacting customer service for the refund request:

  • You need to dial the customer service number: 011-965-2205-4944,
  • Then pick the suitable option from the automated menu,
  • Now wait for a person to connect with you on the call,
  • Ask the connected person to submit your refund request,
  • Then provide your Jazeera Airways canceled flight ticket details,
  • Share the essential details the person ask for to submit the request,
  • And after that, the refund request will be submitted to Jazeera Airways. 

Using any of the above methods, your refund request for the canceled flight will be submitted to Jazeera Airways, and it will be processed within a few days on the desired medium. You will receive an email from them after submitting the request containing your refund request number. 

How to check Jazeera Airways refund status?

If you applied for the refund a few days ago and now wondering about the Jazeera Airways refund status, you can check the status online with the help of the refund request number:

  • Visit the site of Jazeera Airways,
  • Then go to the contact page,
  • Locate the Refund tab,
  • There you will see the “Refund Status” option,
  • Enter the Refund Request Number in the column,
  • And then click on the Search button,
  • Your refund status will appear on the screen. 

Bottom Line

If you have a requirement for canceling a flight ticket that is purchased from Jazeera Airways, all the info has been mentioned for you to obtain the refund from them. Read the policies before applying for the refund, and then send the refund request at your convenient method. You can also check the status from the mentioned procedure till you obtain the refund from Jazeera Airways. 

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