What is the record locator for American Airlines?

American Airlines is the biggest and the largest airline in America, the airline is a combination of providing fantastic customer service and flight performance. The airline knows the need and requirements of the customers and hence provides every possible thing to make the customer journey beautiful in hassle-free. 

Hence, there is also a time when customers face a personal emergency and want to make the necessary changes or cancel their flight with American airlines and save their cash. And the process is understood by the American airline's officials. So, to make the reference easy, American airlines have come up with the option of the American airlines record locator of the passenger. Through which they can easily make the changes in their flights, so quickly let's get into the further details. 

The Record Locator of the American Airlines

According to American Airlines, a record locator is considered the identification number, a 6-digit long character number. This character can have alphanumeric codes as the identification number for every passenger's travel details. To understand further how you can find the record locator in your American airline's reservation, you need to read this article further. 

Where do I find my American Airlines record locator number?

Many passengers often wonder how they can find American airlines record locator number. Thus to know the procedure, pursue the steps mentioned underneath: 

  • American airlines pass some code with other airlines as a means of the identification number of the passenger.  
  • This record locator can be known as the PNR as well. And this number can be found on American airline flight tickets. 
  • The record locator includes not only the alphanumeric six characters but also the codes and bar codes to maintain the privacy of the customer's travel details. 
  • The barcode is also seen on the airline's flight tickets. The passenger may even find the information by logging by the username and the password.
  • The record locator also helps the passenger to make any changes in the flight tickets or even possible cancellations or special instructions to make their journey hassle-free. 
  • The recorded information is also known by the various names like confirmation number, booking code, reservation number, etc. 
  • With this, the passenger can save time, as this code can give instant information with every relevant detail. 
  • Hence, this record locator can also identify the booking number with other bookings of American airlines. This is when the passenger has a connecting flight with another airline company. 

Therefore, the customer may easily find the record locator number on the flight tickets. And this number assists you to quickly identify their details and also helps in making any possible changes. 

What does record locator mean on the American Airlines app?

The record locator on the American Airlines app is the same as the website. The record locator is the six-character reference code that enables you to access your booking. Some airlines refer to the record locators by various terms. They may also call it a confirmation number, a reservation number, a booking reference, a booking code, or a confirmation number. They will all exit as 6-character alphanumeric for the alpha codes. 

That's all about the American Airlines record locator. Thus, if you need further help regarding how you can find it, or if you’re American airlines record locator not working, then call the American airline customer service team and ask for the required help. 

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