What is the Best Time to Contact American Airlines?

There are several conditions when a traveler needs to contact a person at the customer service team of American Airlines when they want to fly with them and attain the services. For contact, you must like to call the airlines and communicate your issues for the appropriate solution. You should consider the best time to call American Airlines in order to receive quick assistance from their executive. The best is to call the airline early in the morning, around 7 o’clock or after sundown. At these hours, the call volumes are approximately less, and you are not required to wait a long time to connect with an executive. 

What is the average wait time for American Airlines customer service?

If you wish to know how much time you have to wait on the call to connect with a person about your issues, it depends on the call volumes at the particular time. On average, the American Airlines customer service wait time is 12 minutes. The hold time can exceed or degrade as per the available executive on the customer service and the number of calls. 

However, there are a few tips that you can use to avoid the long wait times at American Airlines customer service that you will learn about further. 

Tips to quickly connect with American Airlines customer service

1. Call through your frequent flyer Number

To avoid the long hours of waiting time at American Airlines call, you must use your frequent flyer number to receive the preference. The frequent flyers get priority while receiving assistance. 

2. Choose the best time to call the customer service

You should consider calling customer service at their best time as receiving assistance at that time is easier and quicker as compared to other times of the day. 

3. Look for an alternate number

You can visit the American Airlines contact page and navigate the contact number as per your region or the concerned department rather than using the general number. This way, your call will meet with an executive quickly with a shorter wait time. 

4. Consider alternate contact modes

There are various contact modes available, and you must contact them to avoid the long waiting time on the call. The alternate modes will help you connect with an executive quicker, and you will receive the info you want directly from an executive. 

5. Join a loyalty program 

You can also consider joining the AA program to receive premium services and other benefits. You can use the loyalty member number and quickly get connected with a person at American Airlines customer service. 

What is the contact number for the American Airlines reservation department?

If you have a query for a reservation or want assistance in reserving a seat on a flight with the help of an official, you can directly contact the concerned department using the American Airlines reservation phone number: 1-800-433-7300. Within a while, the person will join the call to assist you regarding a reservation. 

What is the customer service hour of American Airlines?

If you like to contact an executive, you must approach a person on your preferred contact medium between the American Airlines customer service hours, which is 24 hours per day for English, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. The working hours for French and Portuguese language assistance are from 07:00 am to 06:00 pm.

What are the alternate contact modes available at American Airlines?

If you are seeking to learn about the alternate contact modes that can be used for approaching American Airlines customer service, here the alternate contact modes are explained:

Live Chat 

Live chat mode is known for the quickest assistance at American Airlines, and you do not have to wait to communicate with an executive on the chat. For approaching the executive online, here is the required process:

  • Visit the webpage of American Airlines on your browser,
  • Next, pick the “Contact American” option,
  • The new page opened on the screen contains the live chat,
  • Click the same to open the chat dialogue box,
  • Type your query or choose from the provided list,
  • The related info will be shared on the chat.


The next mode is to email customer service, but the response will be received within 48 hours of delivering the email. If you want to send your questions by email, you can follow these steps:

  • Land on the Contact American page on the website,
  • Next, you have to navigate the email section,
  • Tap the provided link to forward on the email form,
  • Select the topic for the delivering email,
  • Next, you should mention your personal info with your contact number,
  • And then explain your query in the given space,
  • Next, tap the Send button to deliver the email to American Airlines. 

Social Media

American Airlines is on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. You can approach an executive on any of these sites and receive quick assistance. The sites can be reached by selecting the preferred social media icon on the American Airlines official page. The message icon should be selected to send your questions to the inbox, and an executive will soon reply. 

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