What is the best month to go to Bulgaria?

The best time to go to Bulgaria is between April to June. As Bulgaria is a place that has a temperate continental climate that has warm summers and cold winters, you must choose to visit the place during the mild climate. The beaches would give a warm welcome during the mild summers. 

Is Bulgaria cheap to go to? 

Bulgaria is a place where you may have a budget-friendly trip. The place is not as costlier as any American or European country. If you are visiting this Balkan country, you must not worry about a budget-breaking bill. Bulgaria has been recently declared the cheapest holiday destination where the Bulgarian lev has a much lower value than US dollars, pounds, or Euros. The place is counted in the list of one of the safest places for tourists. It has a low crime level. But, you will have to take minimal care and sensible precautions that will keep you away from a street crime like that in the UK. Also, it would help if you have visited the place during the off-season to avail the best at the cheapest price. The best month to go to Bulgaria is during the month of November, December, and January. These are the coldest months, and people avoid traveling into the country during this time of the year. 

Is September a good time to visit Bulgaria? 

Yes, even the time between September and October is also idle to visit Bulgaria. It is the time when you will find a moderate climate in this coastal nation, as Bulgaria is known for its coastline along the Black Sea. Its long stretches of sandy beaches, traditional beaches, and historical sites are the reasons why people prefer to visit the country. The summers are the best time to visit the country and enjoy the most. Also, the spring season is when you can avoid the blazing sun and enjoy hiking and visiting the Black sea. The extreme climate during the summers in the month of July and August can make it difficult for the tourists to enjoy the mountains and the beaches as well. The springs are considered to be the best time among all the seasons to visit Bulgaria. 

How much will it cost to visit Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is one of the most affordable places you can visit in Europe. You can make the most in this country on a pocket tight-budget. The places where you can see with a limited budget in Bulgaria are Borovets Ski Resorts, Vitosha Mountains, Irakli beach, Sea garden, method Snow school, Varna Retro Museum, etc. At max, it can cost you $100 per day for each person. So, you must plan your budget accordingly. The food and transport in the country are also not expensive. 

You can also book cheap flights so you can travel to the country on a limited budget. The tips for the cheapest time to fly to Bulgaria are as follows:

  • Look for budgeted airlines or low-cost local airlines. 
  • Compare the prices of flights and then book tickets. 
  • Go for off-season trips. 

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