How many weeks pregnant can you fly with American airlines?

Every Airline has a few rules to strictly follow by pregnant lady passengers to avoid any mishaps or medical emergencies during the journey. American Airlines has definite and concise terms and conditions for pregnant passengers. If you are willing to travel by air during the pregnancy term, please read the American Airlines pregnancy policy in the segment below and understand the requirements for travel on domestic and international flights.

  • As per the policy, pregnant women can travel during the first and second trimesters without medical complications.
  • In the third trimester, medical formalities must be fulfilled for boarding an American Airlines flight.

American airlines pregnancy policy for detailed information

  • A fitness certificate from a doctor is a must when traveling during pregnancy.
  • There are few restrictions during the first and second trimesters; however, some compulsory rules must be followed if the passenger is in the third trimester.
  • If the passenger is in the third trimester and the delivery date is around 7-10 days, American airlines will not allow you to travel on a domestic flight for under 5 hours.
  • In case you have any complications related to the pregnancy, you must inform the Airline before boarding the flight.
  • For international flights, a fitness certificate from a special coordinator and a doctor is mandatory if the passenger is due for delivery within the next 4 weeks.
  • The fitness certificate must be issued not before 48 hours of the journey.
  • A pregnant passenger must carry the requisite medical documents and other necessities like medicines for the journey.
  • A request can be made during ticket booking or check-in if a pregnant passenger needs a separate seat.
  • After boarding the American Airlines flight, the passenger must inform the crew onboard regarding their health condition, like swelling, food allergies, etc., to avoid mid-air problems.
  • The passenger must reach the airport at least 4 hours before the scheduled flight to avoid any rush and inconvenience.

The process to travel on American Airlines:

Following the American Airlines pregnancy terms and conditions for pregnant passengers, you must appropriately inform the Airline regarding the assistance requirements at the airport and onboard in the ways described below:

Online process: You can declare your health condition during the ticket booking or fill out the assistance request form before the journey in the given steps:

  • Go to the official website of American Airlines or sign in to the app on the phone
  • Click on the Travel information tab on the homepage
  • Select the special assistance option from the list
  • Click on the special assistance online request form
  • Fill up the form with the compulsory information and provide every detail
  • Submit the form
  • American Airlines customer service will confirm the assistance request.

Call customer service: You can call customer service for complete information on the American Airlines pregnancy policy on international flights and the medical documents required to board the American Airlines flight. Please speak to a customer service person and clarify all the doubts.

  • Call on 1 800 433 7300, available 24/7
  • Connect with a person
  • Get the required information on the travel rules for pregnant passengers
  • You can also confirm the request for a wheelchair and other assistance for the journey.

However, some American airlines pregnancy restrictions should be considered before flying as enlisted below:

  • The Airline cannot be held responsible for any medical complications or loss that may arise during the journey.
  • If the passenger is taking an International flight that will extend for long hours, a passenger must be aware of her health condition to avoid any medical emergency.
  • A passenger will not be allowed to board the flight if a fitness certificate recommending fit to fly is not furnished.
  • The passenger will not be permitted to travel if the delivery date is just around that is less than 7 days, or the passenger has delivered 7 days before the journey.
  • American Airlines suggests pregnant passengers not travel alone and must be accompanied by a family member or an aide for help.
  • International travelers may need additional care as they are usually on long-haul flights.
  • The passenger must take the necessary health precautions to avoid any complications.

To conclude, you can trust American Airlines for the appropriate care and assistance services if traveling with a pregnancy condition. Always abide by American Airlines pregnancy guidelines and travel safely and comfortably.

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