What is Air Canada special assistance number?

Air Canada is a Canadian-based airline that operates flight services in many countries and continents worldwide. The airlines aim to offer good quality services to their customers at an affordable price. A customer who has made a flight reservation is physically disabled and wanted to know about Air Canada wheelchair assistance cost. You can get the same information from the customer support team. The agent will provide you with details about the assistance services offered by the airlines. You can follow the steps given below to get in touch with:

  • The customer needs to dial 1 (888) 247-2262. The number is available Toll-free.
  • After that, hear the Pre-recorded call instructions and press the numbers as per your requirement.
  • Select the preferred language by pressing 0.
  • Press 2 for bookings and timings of flight.
  • For modifications, press 3.
  • Press 4 for a medical emergency.
  • For baggage-related issues, press 5.
  • To get any other information, press * and get in touch with the live representative of the airline.
  • Passengers who require special assistance can dial 1 833 984 0896. You can talk to the agent at the office who provides assistance services.

Does Air Canada charge for wheelchair? 

There are various kinds of assistance provided by the airlines. It includes wheelchair assistance, hearing assistance, medical assistance, mobility aid, respiratory devices, and many more. You will not be required to pay for Air Canada wheelchair assistance. The airlines will include a wheelchair or scooter as a carry-on item free of charge, as per the available space in the flight. Airlines will not charge extra fees to passengers with disabilities. You will be required to request at the airport to provide you with special wheelchair assistance. The important points related to the wheelchair policy are:

  • It will be available for passengers who are physically disabled or impaired.
  • You will be provided to help between the airplane seat and other mobility devices or a wheelchair.
  • The assistance will be provided to you at the entrance of the airport washroom. You must know that no wheelchair assistance will be available inside the washroom. 
  • You will be required to take permission to use a wheelchair or other device. 
  • The passenger is required to be present at the designated boarding area, which is near the gate, and make check-in regularly.
  • At the airport, you will be provided with access ramps or elevators. It will help you to board an aircraft securely.
  • After check-in at the airport, You are advised to be there at least 30 minutes before the mentioned boarding times.

For passengers, Air Canada special assistance and wheelchair assistance will be offered free of charge by the airlines. It will be provided to the passengers as per the availability. 

How do I book airport assistance?

When you book the assistance, visit the airport, and reach the assistance point, it might be available inside or outside the terminal. A logo will indicate disability; you must press the buzzer available or telephone for assistance. Passengers are requested to book the wheelchair minimum of 48 hours before the flight departure so that airline officials can make the required arrangements at the airport. You can make it with the help of the customer support team. The customer can follow these steps to book special assistance.

  • Reach the official website of Air Canada.
  • Go to the My bookings option and enter the details required.
  • The screen will show all the booking details. You will be available to add a wheelchair; click on that.
  • On the day of the scheduled departure, you will be provided with a wheelchair by the agent. 

What are the important things to remember while requesting a wheelchair?

Seniors and super senior passengers usually use the use of assistive devices. The Air Canada special assistance for seniors is also available for free.

Provide advance intimation: You must request at least 48 hours before the flight booking. The facility might be available if you did not inform the airlines to assist. The traveler must mention the following points:

  • Requirement of onboard medical oxygen for a specific destination.
  • The FAA-approved respirator ventilator, continuous positive pressure machine, or other oxygen assistive device is needed.
  • Need help in pacing the wheelchair battery or disassembling it.
  • It is urgently required to carry an electric chair in a compartment with at most 60 seats.
  • Mention the age of the passenger. If the age of the traveler is more than 65 years, they will come under the category of senior citizens.
  • Specification of meal to be provided by the passenger, as a requirement. It must be made at least 24 hours before the flight departure.

How to request a specific medical condition?

The travelers can request either by email or by phone number. They can dial +1-800-667-4732 (Toll-free). You must give all the required details of your medical condition and request the airline's agent to provide special assistance. The other option available is to get help by sending an email. It will help if you describe your medical condition at acmedical@aircanada.ca. The team of airlines will approve your request and confirm the approval. 

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