What are Spirit Airlines pregnancy rules?

You are traveling with Spirit Airlines and are 8 months pregnant; then, fortunately, the airline will provide special assistance as well as provide you with facilities that will make your trip comfortable. The airline has issued  Spirit Airlines pregnancy rules that have to be followed so that any kind of mishap and complication can be avoided. So follow the below-written rules that will guide you to travel with full safety.

  • If you are a woman and pregnant for less than 28 weeks, then the authority will not restrict you from flying.
  • If you are a woman and pregnant for more than 28 weeks, then the authority will not restrict you from flying, and you will get comfort while traveling.
  • If you are pregnant for more than 37 weeks, then you can travel, but within 7 days of the expiration date, which requires a medical certificate and needs to be deposited within 72 hours of departure of the flight. 
  • Airlines allow you to travel if you are physically examined by the doctor and fit to travel inside the flight as well as to your destination on the departure schedule date.
  • In this scenario, if your delivery date is close to the departure date of the flight schedule, then the authority will not allow you to travel.
  • If there are healthy and normal pregnancies, then you can fly until the pregnancy ends at a certain point.
  • If you wish to cancel your flight due to pregnancy or any other reason, then the airline will compensate you the cancellation fees, and you can request a full refund from the airline.

Medical documents that are required to fly while pregnant

  • Completed certificates must be deposited, including the fitness level.
  • The certificate must include the estimated delivery date.
  • The number of weeks of pregnancy should be indicated.
  • Complications and health issues should be included in the document to avoid any mishaps.
  • Medical records should be brought if the pregnancy is single or multiple.

Additional documents that need to be submitted while traveling with spirit airlines

  • If you have the certificates, then there should be a signature of a responsible nurse or doctor.
  • The given letterhead should include the official clinic or hospital name, if possible.
  • The document should be in English and clearly written, which will make it easier for the authorities to understand the papers and provide you with special assistance.
  • The document should date more than seventy-two hours prior to the departure schedule of the flight.

These are some documents you must have to make things easier while traveling as a pregnant woman.

How many weeks pregnant can you fly spirit?

According to the Spirit Airlines pregnancy policy if you are 8th month pregnant ( 32 weeks ), then you are advised to go through an examination from your physician shortly prior to the flying to confirm that it is safe for the person to travel.

Tips for pregnant women while flying with the Spirit Airlines

The tips are easy and save you money. These points will help you in getting the best possible facilities from the airline as well as an entirely pleasant journey.

Choose the right seat

You need to select a seat that is right for your comfort, and you will get the bulkhead aisle seat that will provide more room to stretch your legs as well as you will get the freedom to use the bathroom.

Wear comfortable clothing

You can wear comfortable clothing so that you will feel better instead of wearing tight clothes, which can make you feel hot, as well as it will restrict you from doing anything while traveling with the airline, such as washroom, stretching, etc.

Stay hydrated.

You can keep the water bottle so that every minute you can replenish your body with water and keep away from being dehydrated.

Wear compression socks

You can wear compression socks that will prevent swelling and help with blood flow.

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