How Can I Speak To A Live Person At Etihad Airways?

Etihad Airways is well-known for being the second flag-carrier airline of the United Arab Emirates. The airlines provide their passengers with an extensive range of domestic as well as international flights. The airlines must maintain a customer service team to solve customer grievances and issues with a significant worldwide audience.

Are you looking to talk to a live person at Etihad airways? There are many methods prescribed by the airlines for the passengers to get connected to the Etihad Airways customer service to solve any issue and query related to the booking or cancellation of your flight ticket with airlines.

Ways to talk to a live person at Etihad Airways

Phone Call- One of the most basic and preferred ways to connect with the agent of the airlines. The airlines allow the passengers to get in touch with them over the call at Etihad Airways customer service hours of the day as they have 24*7 customer service support. Even if the airlines allow the passengers to connect with them during any hour, the passengers should connect with in between 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

  • To connect with the airline's agent through the call, you need to dial the airline's customer service number.
  • Dial, the Etihad Airways customer service number is + 1 (877) 690-0767, and once connected, follow the voice menu.
  • The IVR instructions (Voice menu) will be given to you as follows.
  • Press 1 to speak in English.
  • Press 2 to speak in the regional language.
  • Press 3 to initiate the refund.
  • Press 4 to proceed with the cancellation.
  • Press 7 to speak to the representative of the airlines.
  • Once the IVR instructions are completed, you may have to wait for a while, after which the agent will get in touch with you.

Etihad Airways Live Chat Assistance-

If you have to wait a long while for the customer service executive to connect with you over a call or if you are not much of a call person, In that case, you can connect with the airlines through the live chat option. To connect with the person over live chat, you have to follow the instructions given as follows.

  • Get onto the official website of the airlines through
  • Once getting onto the airline's official website, click on the help option available on the top tab on the homepage.
  • From the drop-down menu, you have to select the option of ‘Talk to us’ and proceed further.
  • After clicking on the option, you’ll get redirected to the ‘contact us’ page.
  • Select the option of live chat mentioned on the page on the bottom right side.
  • Click on the option, and follow the auto-generated process in which they will ask you about your query.
  • Choose the option per your query, and continue with the process, after which the agent will get connected to you over chat.
  • Follow the instructions given to you by the agent over chat, and resolve your query.

Etihad Airways Email Assistance

You can also send your query through mail to the customer service team. All you need to do is write down your query in detail and send it to the official website of the airline  The executive from the customer service team will get in touch with you as soon as they register your issue.

Feedback form- one in a million times, it happens when we face an issue with the airlines during our flight journey. If you face any issue during your flight journey, you always want to put that thing in the notice of the airlines. So, if you have faced any issues or wish to leave general feedback with the airlines, in that case, you have to get onto the contact page of the airlines and click on the feedback form to submit any comment or complaint related to your inflight experience.

Etihad Airways Social Media Network-
The airlines maintain various social media handles of the airlines on which they continue posting offers and deals. If the passengers have any issues and need them to be heard quickly. They can also slide into the DMs of the airlines' social media accounts. 

Get onto the contact us page of the airlines and click on the search bar to look for your country, and you’ll get the Etihad Airways phone number available for your region/country.

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