Is Turkish Airlines better than Ethiopian Airlines?

When you choose an airline, you see its fare prices; then you see its refunding policy and also the services that an airline is providing. On these bases, you calculate and determine which Airline is best for you. So when you are to make a choice between Turkish Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines, the criteria would be similar. So here in the following bullet points, you will get to see Ethiopian Airlines vs. Turkish Airlines facts based on which you can choose the best for you. 

Ethiopian Airlines vs Turkish Airlines

  • The score based on Knoji possessed by Turkish Airlines is 4.4, whereas the score possessed by Ethiopian Airlines is 4.2.
  • Turkish Airlines offers more discounts and promotions in its seating policy, whereas Ethiopian Airlines has a rigid and pre-assigned seating policy.
  • Turkish Airlines provide a much better free cancellation policy than Ethiopian Airlines.
  • Ethiopian Airlines has a worse flight cancellation policy.
  • Also, the Wi-Fi services are far better on Turkish Airlines than on Ethiopian Airlines.
  • There is a better power outlet availability provided by Turkish Airlines than Ethiopian Airlines.
  • Turkish Airlines does not offer email discounts, whereas Ethiopian Airlines do offer email discounts.
  • PayPal is not accepted by Turkish Airlines, whereas it is accepted by Ethiopian Airlines.
  • There are student discount policies devised by Turkish Airlines, but there is no such provision provided by Ethiopian Airlines.
  • You will find a flexible pet policy at Ethiopian Airlines than on Turkish Airlines.

To research more, you are suggested to go through the official sites of the two airlines. You will be able to compare on a more different basis, which will help you choose between the two.

Which Airline is better Turkish or Ethiopian?

If you want to determine which Airline is best to fly with, you need to compare them on a similar basis. As a result, you will get to find the answer to your question is Turkish airlines better than Ethiopian airlines, in case you are struggling to choose the best between the two?

  • Turkish Airlines is more committed to sustainability than Ethiopian Airlines is. So here the plus point is with Turkish Airlines as the climate change is at alarm so you must choose which is safer and eco friendly.
  • Turkish is committed to racial equity, whereas Ethiopian Airlines has not earned a star on this base.
  • The security features of Turkish Airlines are far better than Ethiopian Airlines.
  • Inflight entertainment offerings are similar in both Airlines.
  • You can also do an online check-in with both Airlines, the quality of online check-in with both airlines is quite similar, and if there is a difference, then it is not much.
  • However, when it comes to the popularity of the brand, then Turkish Airlines is more popular as a brand than Ethiopian Airlines.
  • If talking about the loyalty program, then Ethiopian Airlines has scored more than Turkish Airlines. 
  • Klarna's financial support is offered by Turkish Airlines, while it is not supported by Ethiopian Airlines.

You are recommended to visit the original sites of both the Airlines one by one and compare both on the basis of those factors which you think are important for you. You will surely reach a culmination that will get you to grab the best deal with the best Airline out of these two.

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    Tesema Teki Sun, 22 Oct 2023 15:16:01
    Ethiopian is better than turkish my view

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