Is Singapore Airlines better than Qatar Airways?

Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways have been named the best airlines in the world for their benefits and facilities to please the passengers and make their flight journey memorable. But people always get confused in both as they have this neck-to-neck competition of being the best airlines. So, when it comes to making the reservation in the most basic economy class, we look for which is better, Qatar or Singapore airlines. We can compare the airlines in terms of price, seat space, food, beverages, facilities, and entertainment services to make the final decision for reservation. Both airlines' services are affordable, so it becomes difficult for the passengers to make the difference between them if they wish to make a reservation for a flight ticket. Let's break down this, compare every single one, and understand which economy cabin is better for the prices, customer service, food, and entertainment.

Qatar airways vs. Singapore airlines

We have compared the process of Singapore and Qatar as per fare, seating with legroom space, services, food, beverages, and more. 

Singapore airlines vs. Qatar airways fare comparison

The first thing we do while comparing anything is look for its price, which is the same with Airlines. If you want to know which airline you choose the best, look for its process difference in the economy class ticket in Qatar and Singapore.

  • Singapore to Stockholm, Sweden:

Qatar Airways $504/£379

Singapore Airlines $813/£612

  • Bangalore, India, to Moscow:

Qatar Airways $581/£437

Singapore Airlines $503/£378

  • Melbourne, Australia, to Istanbul, Turkey:

Qatar Airways $692/£521

Singapore Airlines $754/£56

  • Jakarta, Indonesia, to Paris:

Qatar Airways $816/£614

Singapore Airlines $1543/£1162

  • Los Angeles, California, to Singapore:

Qatar Airways $480/£361

Singapore Airlines $552/£415

As is visible then, in most cases, Singapore airlines charge more than Qatar, and this difference gives an edge to Qatar Airways, and people will go for it to make the reservation. Even though the price fluctuates in different seasons, there is a possibility of better deals and offers with Qatar.

Seating Space

Where the flight ticket price is considered the basic way to choose between the airlines, the second one is the inflight comfort. The airlines with the most ease with reasonable or a bit high prices will get the massive customer for their flight if the passengers wish to make a flight ticket reservation to catch an early flight to attend the meeting. 

  • Qatar Economy Seat Space

Pitch: 32 inches

Width: 18.17 inches

  • Singapore Airlines Economy Seat Space

Pitch: 32 inches

Width: 19 inches

In this comparison, you can see that both Singapore and Qatar airlines have mostly the same seat space in terms of pitch and width. So in this comparison, they both stand equal.


It is always essential to have quality over quantity. Apart from the seat space, it is also essential to ensure that the airlines provide you with the best inflight services and assist you in every single step. And in this aspect, a Singapore airline has a bit of an edge as you'll feel that this airline has the slightest better services and professional staff.

Food and Beverages

If you are on a long-haul flight, in that case, you look for Food and Beverages that will keep you active for the long way. So ensure that you get adequate food and better drinks like Juices, sodas, tea, coffee, beer, and more. Long-Haul flights need such facilities more than the flight that will land in a few hours. In this aspect, both airlines have better food facilities for the voyager.


From the analysis mentioned above hope, it is understandable for you to know if Singapore airlines better than Qatar. If I had to give a genuine opinion, I would first go to Qatar, but Singapore airlines are never out of the race.

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