Is it better to fly WestJet or Air Canada?

In today's scenario, commuting through the flight will be tough, as you need to find the best airlines having the lowest fare. Which airline is better will depend on the destination, number of passengers, destination, pricing, baggage, and more. If you want to travel to your location, you can compare WestJet and Air Canada and take some points into consideration. Following is an in-depth comparison of WestJet vs Air Canada that you can find before booking the flight ticket:


Air Canada mainly focuses on providing flight services to major Canadian destinations. On the other hand, WestJet covers the major parts of the world to fly to your location. WestJet Airlines fly to more than 38 airports, while Air Canada provides flights to 51 Canadian airports.


One of the major factors in comparing the airlines is the pricing for the suitable location. Pricing of similar routes can provide insights into which airline offers the discounts. For the one-way economy class, air Canada offers $363, while Air Canada charges $260. Apart from the economy class, the prices in Air Canada vs WestJet business class will be lower.

Baggage allowance:

According to the baggage allowance, air Canada always wins as they provide major discounts. With Air Canada, there will be no fees for carry-on luggage, and you can take one standard article in the cabin. The checked baggage will be free, depending on the fare. Destination, date, and ticket type. The maximum price for the checked baggage will be between $30 to $75.

WestJet also allows you to take on carry-on bags according to specific sizes and restrictions. The checked baggage, the prices will vary between $40 to $95, which must meet the appropriate size restrictions.

Additional facilities on the ticket:

Air Canada provides flexibility to passengers when they book their flight tickets with them. In economy travel, you will get a complimentary meal and the option to change the journey at a certain price. Besides this, complimentary seat selection, lounges, upgrades, etc., are also in business class.

WestJet does not give any complimentary drinks and snacks, but they offer a free advanced seat selection. A lounge facility and priority boarding will be in their business class at your airport.

Reward programs:

Both airlines offer separate reward programs that give the complete benefit to frequent fliers. The benefits depend on what you are looking for, which will differ from others. In the Air Canada loyalty program Aeroplan, you can earn points for every next flight with them. The miles can also be redeemed for other services, hotels, vacation packages, merchandise, etc. You will get maple leaf lounges if you achieve higher membership reward points.

WestJet reward programs are called the WestJet reward, which has some differences. You will get points on flying with WestJet along with travel credit cards. The members will also acquire companion vouchers, like the airplane rewards, and the higher tiers of WestJet will achieve the upgrade lounge vouchers—priority services.


WestJet offers a variety of complimentary meals and snacks on travel. You will get multiple options from the menu on international or long-haul flights. Air Canada has a broad range of meal plans, but they charge a certain amount to purchase.


Both airlines have the same entertainment facility on the journey. You will not get bored in choosing one over the other. Sometimes, the entertainment service will be older in WestJet's aircraft. You have the selection of moves. Internet, tv shows, web series, etc. You can enjoy all these for free, which will include your travel according to the destination and loyalty program membership.

At last, WestJet seems to provide more opportunities for the lounges, and Air Canada has multiple destinations to fly to. According to the price and another comparison, WestJet was founded to be cheaper than Air Canada regarding services.

Is WestJet cheaper than Air Canada?

The prices will depend on the season, destination, travel type, etc. Many travelers ask if is WestJet cheaper than Air Canada to make the reservation for the best package. The business class route with Air Canada is much cheaper than the WestJet, which will cost you around $998. Although the WestJet business class is costlier, they also have other perks which enhance travel.

Who has more legroom Air Canada or WestJet?

One of the biggest low-cost competitors of Air Canada is WestJet which not only serves discounted but also offers additional travel services. WestJet is more legroom seats than Air Canada as they have more personal space than the full-service carrier.

In international travel with WestJet, the seats are 46 inches broad, and Air Canada has 50 inches. The preferred seats have extra legroom in Air Canada as WestJet has a pitch o 17 inches.

The aircraft of both airlines is well equipped, which keeps you safe. You can ask whether WestJet or Air Canada is safer to travel. Both airlines are using the Boeing 787 on international routes.

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