How can I check-in online with Lufthansa?

Imagine that the passengers have to check-in with the airline, and they don’t have the information on how to do it. In that case, the passenger can use the various check-in options and be able to do the check-in within a few seconds. 

Methods for Check-In at the Lufthansa Airline

Check-In via Online Method. 

Passengers who want to do the Lufthansa check-in can opt for the online method. It is the easiest and fastest way to use the online process, and they will be able to do the check-in as soon as possible. Here are the steps to use it: 

  • Open the official website of Lufthansa
  • Click on the Check-In option on the right-hand side. 
  • Enter the mandatory details and click on the continue option. 
  • Kindly review the details and go to submit option. 
  • Get the boarding pass on your registered email id and show it to security at the gate. 

Check-In via Offline Method. 

A traveler wants to do the check-in via the offline method because they have tried to use the online process but have been unable to. In that case, the traveler can use the offline method and immediately get their boarding pass on the registered email ID. Travelers can call the airline representative on this official phone number 1(800) 645-3880. Follow the IVR steps and connect with the live agent. Ask the representative for check-in, and they will immediately provide a boarding pass on their registered email ID. 

Check-In via Mobile App. 

You have to do the check-in, and you want to do it the fastest way. You can use the mobile app; it is the easiest and fastest way to check in and receive the boarding pass on your credentials. Here are the steps to use the mobile app: 

  • Download the Lufthansa App from the play store or apple store. 
  • Enter the required details to start the app. 
  • Go and click on the check-in option. 
  • Again, type down the required details and click on the continue option. 
  • Add details like your seat and required travel documents, and click the submit option. 
  • Receive your boarding pass on your registered email id immediately. 

Check-In at the Airport. 

If you arrive early at the airport and see no long flight queue, you can do the early check-in. When you visit the airport, you have to go to the check-in counter and ask the representative for the check-in. The live agent will require some details from you. After that, the representative will do the check-in, and they will provide you with the boarding pass on your registered email id. You can show the boarding pass to security while screening the flight. 

How many hours before can I check-in Lufthansa? 

The Lufthansa check-in time is 24 hours. Passengers can check-in in 24 hours before their flight departure. The airline will provide them with a boarding pass on the registered email id as soon as possible. Passengers can show it to the airline security to board their flight. 

Why can I not check-in online with Lufthansa? 

The Lufthansa check-in online is available for flights directly operating with the airline. If you are using the online option for check-in and you are not able to do it. The reason behind this is that online check-in departures are available from there. You can recognize code-share flights; the flight number should be identified through your booking. 

How much luggage can I check-in at Lufthansa? 

The Lufthansa check-in baggage weight should be 32 kg, which applies to all travel tickets. You must pay the charges if you bring more baggage than the weight. To get more information about the baggage, you must speak with the representative or visit the official website. 

How much is it to add a checked bag with Lufthansa?

The Lufthansa check-in baggage price depends on your route and booking. The price will differ. To know the price of the baggage, you must read the given below information: 

  • First Bag Online; For Domestic Routes: $120 or other routes: $70. 
  • First Bag at the Airport: if you are traveling on the domestic routes, $ 60, and for the other routes $ 100. 
  • Additional bags Online:

If you add your bag online for domestic, you must pay $ 65; for the other routes, you must pay $230.

  • Additional bags at the airport: 

For the domestic routes: $80. For the other long routes, you must pay $ 285.

Can I add baggage after booking Lufthansa? 

Yes, you can add the baggage after booking the flight. To add the baggage, you can use the online or offline method. It depends on your choice of what method you want. You can read the given information if you want to use any method.

Methods to add the baggage after booking Lufthansa

Use the Manage My Booking Option. 

Imagine the passenger forgetting to add the baggage, and now they don’t know what to do. Passengers can use the manage booking option to add baggage. To add the baggage, they should know the instructions and get all the details as soon as possible. Here are the steps to add the baggage; 

  • Open the official website of Lufthansa
  • Click on the My Trip Option. 
  • Enter the necessary details and click on the log-in option. 
  • Tap on the baggage option on the dashboard.
  • Add the number of baggage and go to the continue option. 
  • Review the details carefully, and click the continue option. 
  • Pay the charges by using the online app or net banking option. 
  • Get the confirmation on the registered email id and message on the contact number. 

Call the airline to add the baggage.

Passengers want to add the baggage because they did not add it earlier, and now they want. In that case, they can connect with the airline representative via phone. To connect with the call option, they can dial 1(800) 645-3880 and follow the IVR command carefully. Press the command according to the query. After that, connect with the representative and ask them to add the baggage. The representative will add their baggage and provide them with confirmation of their credentials as soon as possible.

Do you get a free checked bag with Lufthansa?

Yes, you will get a free checked bag with the airline, but it depends on your travel fare. You can check the information on the baggage details on the website or connect with the representative as soon as possible.

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