How much is the cancellation fee for the Cebu Pacific flight?

Cebu Pacific follows Flexible policies for their travelers so that they can easily update changes in existing reservations like canceling the Flight or change in destinations. Under which Circumstances does Cebu Pacific cancellation policy charge a fee? There are a few points covered here, which are described here. Passengers can cancel the reservations due to sudden plan changes or other valid medical reasons. 

  • Travelers with reservations with Cebu Pacific can cancel the reservation within 24 hours of booking.
  • If the cancellation is made before 2-3 hours on the day of the Scheduled Flight, no refund will be made to the passenger's account.
  • Passengers are allowed to cancel the Flight before 24 hours of Scheduled Flight Departure.
  • The Cancellation fee depends on the route or destination of domestic and International flights. The Fee varies between $100 to $ 400 according to the choice of destination of the Scheduled Flight.
  • The refund would only be made to the original payment method within 7 Business days.

Does Cebu Pacific have a free cancellation?

Yes, Cebu Pacific provides free cancellation, but with a few conditions mentioned here. You must have lied under the mentioned criteria to get a full ticket amount refund without any Cebu Pacific cancellation fee or other extra charges.

  • Suppose you have purchased a Refundable ticket and applied for cancellation before 24 hours of the Scheduled Flight Departure. You are eligible to receive a full refund.
  • Passengers who cancel the existing reservation within 24 hours of booking can receive a full refund without paying any cancellation charges.
  • Customers who cancel the existing Flight booking before seven days of the Scheduled Flight Departure do not have to pay penalty charges for withdrawing.

What will happen if I cancel my Flight to Cebu Pacific?

If you have canceled the existing booking, the ticket value is either credited to your original payment method or transferred to a travel fund that must be used within 30 days. Passengers can use the amount for future subsequent bookings for different destinations for either Domestic travel or International Travel. To get the total amount refund, you must have applied for cancellation within 24 hours of booking or before seven days of Scheduled Flight Departure.

Can I cancel or refund my ticket for Cebu Pacific?

Passengers can cancel the reservation with Cebu Pacific and apply for a refund request online or offline. To get the Cebu Pacific cancellation refund via the online process, you need to follow a few steps described below.

  • First, visit the Cebu Pacific official website and select Manage Booking, which is at the top of the Homepage.
  • Once you click on it, enter the essential information like the itinerary's PNR number, Ticket number, and last name.
  • The screen will display your itinerary details and options like cancel or change the reservation.
  • Click on cancel the reservation, provide information like valid contact details and original payment method, and select confirm to cancel the ticket.
  • You will receive the confirmation for cancellation over the email or phone number.
  • The refund would be made to the original payment method only within 7 Business days or credited to the travel fund, which can be used for the following reservation.
  • If you have purchased a refundable ticket, passengers will receive a full ticket amount refund.

Travelers can cancel the flight ticket offline by calling the Cebu Pacific Customer Service team, which works 24 hours to resolve the customer's problems. You can speak with their representative and ask them to cancel the booking and share the needed information with them like the PNR number and the last name on the itinerary. Travelers will receive the cancellation confirmation over the valid email address and Refunds will be made within 7-15 working days to the original payment method.

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