How Much Does Southwest Charge To Change the Name on the Ticket?

Southwest does not charge any name change fee for changing the flight ticket if it is the first time; however, the fare difference might apply. You might have to pay the fee if you make changes more than once. The name change cost depends on the route and destination, so it varies from time to time. 

Besides, the standard name change cost varies from $ 100 - $ 150 depending on different factors. You can find the exact Southwest name change cost by contacting Southwest Airlines customer service and customer relations.

How do I change my married name on Southwest? 

If you got married and now want to change the name on the ticket, it's pretty simple. All you have to do is arrange the legal document and follow the procedure below. Here you will find online and offline processes; you can go with any of them as per your comfort and choice.

Follow the procedure below to change your married name on Southwest Airlines. 

Change name on southwest online 

  • Go to the official site of Southwest Airlines using any web browser 
  • On the website, you need to locate the 'change/cancel option and click on it
  • On the new page, you need to enter the reservation details
  • You can get the details in the confirmation email you received during the booking
  • Then click on the submit, and the system will display the flight itinerary
  • Select the change button and make the changes in your name
  • After you change the name, you need to click on confirm, and soon you get a confirmation email

Change name by calling Southwest Airlines. 

If you married recently and want to change your name, you can call the customer relations phone number directly. The customer relation will ask you to submit the proof of legal name change, so be prepared. However, in case you need to make any regular changes or misspell your name, you can speak to the customer service of Southwest rather than calling customer relations.

You can get the phone number for the customer relation and customer support team from the contact help page of Southwest Airlines. 

Going through the procedure above, you can change your name on Southwest Airlines anytime. The above procedure is valid for bookings you purchased directly from a website, contact center, or airport. If you book the ticket via a third party, speak to the agent directly for Southwest name change on ticket marriage. Besides, check out the Southwest Airlines name change policy below to avoid hassle and penalty.    

Southwest Airlines name change policy 

  • Per the policy, Southwest does not allow you to transfer tickets to another person in any situation. The name change only refers to correcting spelling errors, not the complete change in name or replacing it with the name of another person.
  • As per the Southwest name correction policy, you can change up to three characters in the name at once. If you change the name for the first time, it would be free of cost. Charges might apply for subsequent changes.
  • You need to contact the customer relations team for a legal name change and show the legal documents for verification. Legal name changes include marriage, divorce, etc.

Southwest name change fee

Southwest Airlines doesn't charge any name change fee if it is the first time; only fare difference applies. If you make subsequent changes, you need to pay the change fee of around $ 100 to $ 150. 

The name change fee depends on factors like route, destination, time, etc. To get the exact name change fee details, contact Southwest airlines customer service.

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