How Much Does it Cost to Change EgyptAir Flight?

When a passenger chooses to travel with an airline, there are various factors that they look for before making a reservation with them. Out of all the things that are taken into account, one of the most major concerns with the passenger would be if they can easily make a change of flight under adverse situations and conditions.

EgyptAir very well addresses these issues by providing the passenger with detailed insight into EgyptAir's change flight policy along with the process, fees, and other major components. The passengers can go through all the relevant details with regard to flight change as provided below:

EgyptAir Flight Change Policy:

The airline only allows the flight change as per the requirement of the passenger in special situations that arises, making them eligible for the change process. The passenger must thus adhere to the policies that govern EgyptAir if they want the change process to be smooth and stress-free. The various pointers associated with the policy are as given here:

  • The passenger is free to make the changes in their reservation until 24 hours after booking the flight without any additional cost.
  • Delays due to weather conditions or technical glitches and cancellations of flights due to airlines' faults also allow the passengers to change their flights as per their preference and convenience.
  • Prolonged medical illness that leads to serious repercussions not allowing the passenger to travel or death in the immediate family relation is treated as a major cause of flight change. The switch can only be made if the proof of the above-mentioned issues with valid documentation is submitted to the airport representatives.
  • Passengers traveling with the Business and First Class are allowed to make the necessary substitution for their previous flight 3 to 4 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • Change in the flight date can be made only if seats are available on the newly selected flight that the passenger would like to travel with.

Under all these situations, the passenger is allowed to make the EgyptAir change flight date very swiftly and easily without many issues. Apart from the above-provided circumstances, the airline would levy an additional fee depending on the type of ticket.

EgyptAir Flight Change Process:

The passenger can choose from the various flight change process that the airline has come up with to be comprehended as follows:

Through the official website:

The passengers can make the necessary changes in the flight date through the website, the steps to which are as provided:

  • Skim through the official website of EgyptAir.
  • Scan over the page to find the Book icon at the top end with all the drop-down options.
  • Check through it to find the My Bookings tab and click on it.
  • Enter the required details, the Booking Reference, and the Last Name to retrieve the booking.
  • Tap the Change My Booking link from all the itinerary options.
  • Select the new flight, make an additional payment, and submit.
  • An email with all the necessary attributes would be shared on the registered email address of the passenger by the airline.

Apart from the online process of modification where the passenger may be subject to EgyptAir change flight fee, there are other methods involved, which are:

Via Call:              

The passenger can place a call with the airline to request the necessary moderation required. The number for calling is available on the official website of the airline to be accessed by the mode specified:

  • Go to the homepage of EgyptAir Airline.
  • Find the Contact Us link at the top end of the page and click on it.
  • Choose the Support icon on the new page to get the number for placing the call.
  • Dial and call +1 212 581 5600 to connect to the customer support representative and make the required alterations.

By visiting the airport:

When the passenger does not have the time to place a call or go to the official website for a change process, they can directly reach the airport before the scheduled departure of the original flight and then put forth the request with them. The ground staff at the airport will guide them through the entire procedure at the various ticket counters established for EgyptAir.

Is there a fee charged by the airline for the flight change process initiated?

The passengers can be made to pay the EgyptAir change flight fee if they are requesting the alteration in their scheduled flight as per the ticket and fare type and the destination they are traveling to. The airline usually charges 25 USD to 50 USD for domestic flights and 70 USD to 95 USD for international flights. This fare can even vary depending on the time at which the requisition was put forth with the customer support team of the airline.

If the ticket price for the new flight is less than the previous one, the remaining amount will be transferred back to the original mode through which the passenger made the payment as per the specified time mentioned by the airline.

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