Guidelines on Change Flight at Alaska Airlines

Suppose you booked your flight ticket at Alaska Airlines some days ago for a vacation which has now shifted to another time, and now you may want to change your bookings as per your trip. In that case, you may be worried about how you can change your Alaska airlines flight and the conditions or cost of changing the flight. If you are concerned about these things, you will learn all the information required to change flights at Alaska Airlines.

Change Flight Policy of Alaska Airlines

To make changes to your bookings, you must be aware of the term and conditions, read the Alaska Airlines change flight policy, and learn about what are the valuable things:

  • The changes can be done until the booked flight's scheduled boarding time.
  • Passengers wanting to change their flight got the options of a date change, time change, destinations change, and route change.
  • If passengers make any changes on their flight within 24 hours of purchase, they do not have to pay the change flight charges.
  • Any changes on Alaska Airlines flights after 24 hours of booking will be entitled to change flight fees.
  • The fare amounts during change flights can fluctuate.
  • If a passenger booked their flight ticket at a low price and the fare has increased after changing flight, they need to pay the difference amount.
  • If the fare is lower than the previous booking during the change flight, the difference amount will not be refunded to the passenger's account.
  • Flight tickets booked via travel vouchers cannot be changed at Alaska Airlines. The passenger needs to cancel the bookings and rebook as per the requirement.

Process of Change Flight at Alaska Airlines

There are different processes available to change flights at Alaska Airlines. You can follow the procedure of your suitable medium and can get the flight reservation as per your new planning without any hurdle.

Procedure for changing a flight through the website

Alaska Airlines has provided a feature for managing booking on their official site to help passengers who like to make some changes after the reservation. Follow the required steps to change flight:

  • Open the homepage of the Alaska Airlines website,
  • Select the Manage slide on the page,
  • Enter the Passenger name and Confirmation code,
  • Then press the Continue option,
  • Select your flight ticket and extend the drop-down menu of Change Flight,
  • Choose your desired option from the menu:
  • Flight Date
  • Flight Time
  • Flight Arrival or Departure Destination
  • Flight Route
  • Then search for the new flight according to your preference,
  • Continue to book the flight in exchange for your previous booking,
  • Pay the flight change charges and fare difference amount (if applicable to your change flight,
  • Then, the changes will be done on your Alaska Airlines flight.

The procedure of changing flight by calling

The passenger who requires assistance from a live person for the change flight at Alaska Airlines can contact their customer support team. With the help of a person at customer support, any change can be made to your booked flight. Follow the given steps for changing the flight:

  • Dial the customer support number of Alaska Airlines: 1800-252-7522,
  • Hear the automated commands on the call,
  • Press the assigned for connecting with a human at Alaska Airlines,
  • Wait for your call to be connected with an available human,
  • Request for the change you need on your booking,
  • Give the flight information to the connected person,
  • State your new preference for the flight booking,
  • The person will search the available flights as per your preference,
  • Choose a flight to book from the provided options,
  • Make the payment to change your flight at Alaska Airlines,
  • Then, the changes will be completed on your previously booked flight.

Procedure for changing flight at the airport

Passengers having a flight ticket from Alaska Airlines, which has not departed yet, can make the changes on their booking by reaching the help desk counter at the airport. A person can personally contact the airport desk and request the required changes. For this, the passenger must carry the flight ticket and valid identity proof and explain the need for the flight change. Tell your new requirements, of which you need a new flight ticket, pay through cash, cheque, or card, and your bookings will be changed at Alaska Airlines airport. After completing the change flight procedure, the representative will provide you with the new flight ticket.

Change Flight Fee at Alaska Airlines

If you are going to make changes to your booked flight ticket and thinking about how much the Alaska Airlines change flight fee is, it falls between $25 to $50. The fees will depend upon what change you are making to your flight and when you are making the change. The cost varies every time you make a change at Alaska Airlines. The fare difference is separate from the change flight fee during booking.

Hence, if your plans suddenly change and you have completed your booking, there is no need to worry, as Alaska Airlines can change flight dates, timings, destinations, or routes. Above is the complete guideline required for the change flight.

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