What amount does it cost to change a LATAM flight?

There are times when one has to change their flight reservations unwillingly. These scenarios are common, and due to the advanced booking of flights, one increases the chances of such changes coming up. All major airlines understand this and the unpredictability of the future and offer significant options to change flight reservations. LATAM airlines also offer the LATAM change flight facility to its passengers, and if one is knowledgeable enough, they can make the best use of this option to get an easy and free LATAM change flight option. One can explore the details mentioned below to know how to do so.

What is the LATAM change flight policy?

  • Any LATAM flight can be changed within the initial 24 hours of the flight booking without incurring any charges, provided the flight was booked at least a week before the scheduled departure.
  • Flight changes after 24 hours of booking may invite flight change charges depending upon the route, destination, and the fare type of the flight.
  • Flights are booked between March 1, 2020, and August 31, 2021, and yet the passengers who didn't travel can rebook a flight for free till June 20, 2022.
  • Those who have been diagnosed with a Covid-19 infection can contact LATAM airlines customer service and provide the Covid-related documents that support the Covid diagnosis claim.
  • One will have to pay the difference in the flight fare if the new flight is higher priced than the original flight.

LATAM Covid flight change policy

Those who have been diagnosed with a Covid-19 infection can contact LATAM airlines customer service and provide the Covid-related documents that support the Covid diagnosis claim. LATAM change flight policy also states that one can rebook the flight without having to pay any extra charges, but only the difference in the fare if the new flight reservation is costlier than the current one.

How can I change my LATAM flight?

  • One can get on the official LATAM airlines website and look for the "My Trips" menu and then choose the "Manage your trips" option under it.
  • Next, use the flight reservation details to search for the flight booking and wait for the web browser to load the flight itinerary details.
  • Select the "Modify" option and then choose the "Change flight" button to start the flight change procedure.
  • Search for the new reservation and continue to the payments page.
  • Pay the flight change charges, or the difference in the fare, if applicable.
  • An email will confirm the flight change has been successful and will also contain the new flight's reservation details.

Via mobile application:

The LATAM mobile application is designed much like the airline's website. It also hosts the various self-help features available on the website, including the LATAM change flight date option. One can download the application and sign in, or create a new account for free and then sign in to get to the application's home screen. The "Manage Booking" option will be available here, and one can select "Change flight" and follow the same procedure described above from here.

Via phone call:

  • The LATAM website also hosts all the customer care contact details that are offered by the airline.
  • The "Help Center" option has to be selected from the top of the LATAM homepage.
  • Wait for the screen to load the LATAM Help Center, and then click on "Telephone numbers by country" to get the customer support phone numbers.
  • Next, dial the suitable number to get to the LATAM agent and ask for assistance on changing the flight as needed.

How much is the LATAM flight change fee?

A flight change charge for any LATAM reservation depends on various factors, and these include the destination, route, and fare type of the flight. The most basic LATAM change flight fee is $30, and one can expect the charges to rise as the cabin class becomes better and the flight distance increases. Also, this flight change fee is to be paid along with the difference in the fare.


Official website: https://www.latamairlines.com

Regarding make changes to your trips visit: https://www.latamairlines.com/us/en/experience/coronavirus/more-flexibility

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