Gather information regarding Kenya Airways Flight Changing Requirements

There can be uncertain changes in the travel plans you have already made with Kenya Airways. For this reason, you might get to make the required changes and successfully get the process done. If this process is done, you can get through the information below and be informed of the requirements for Kenya Airways changing flight process. Read through the required details, and then contact the airline for the required help if required.

What is the flight change policy of Kenya Airways?

If you are making changes to the booking you possess with Kenya Airways, you must be aware of the Kenya Airways flight change policy, which shall work as a guideline throughout the process. The rules and regulations you must read through before proceeding to the process are as follows:

  • If the booking is made at least seven days before the booking, the changes can be made within 24 hours of the purchase time.
  • If the booking you possess is an elite or premium class booking, then you can easily make the changes you want without any extra cost, and the same can be done at least three hours prior to the departure.
  • If your reservation sees a sudden change or a delay, you can make the required changes without additional cost.
  • If you are making changes due to any medical emergency, you can easily get the process done without any additional cost.
  • Changes through the bookings, the extra penalty fee is less if made using miles or award tickets.
  • For the reservation made through a travel agent, if you want to change the booking, you will have to reach out to the same for the required process.

How can I make the changes to the Kenya Airways flight?

The changes you are looking to make can be done in multiple ways. You can read the ways defined below, which shall guide you through Kenya Airways change flight. The following ways can help make the process an easy and better way.

1. Through Online Process- Visit the official website of Kenya Airwyas and then follow the given steps to complete the given procedure:

  • Thumb through Kenya Airways’ official website,
  • Click on the Prepare for Travel tab and choose to modify the booking option.
  • Then, retrieve the reservation using the made reservation's last name and booking reference number.
  • Then you would be taken to the booking summary page.
  • From the menu icon list, choose the change option. Then, from the drop-down, click on the date change.
  • This will result in popping a change form.
  • Fill the form out, and then submit it. Then, if required, make the payment with the assistance of on-screen instructions.
  • Once done, you shall receive an email regarding the process. The mail shall be received when you are done with the process and the airline confirms the changes.

2. Via Call Process- You can skip getting the changes done through the online process and connect with an executive from the airline to help you throughout. You can choose to make a call by finding the contact number from the steps given below:

  • Skim to Kenya Airways’ website and tap on the Talk to Us option available at the top of the page.
  • This shall advance you to the customer support page.
  • At the top of the page, you will get the contact number from the Call Us section.
  • Dial Tel: +254 734 104 747, Mobile: +254 711 024 747, Whatsapp +254 705 474 747and then connect with an executive for the help you want.

3. Via Email- You can also go through the airline for the assistance you seek with the help of email. You can drop an email to the airline at their official email address, The same shall revert and help you through the process as per need.

How much does it cost to change a flight with Kenya Airways?

You can get to change the flight with Kenya Airways as per requirements. You can choose to go through them and make the required changes by making the payment of Kenya Airways change flight fee, which is listed as follows:

  • The changes needed if booked as an award ticket shall cost 50 USD.
  • For a normal booking, the change cost can vary from 100 USD to 300 USD.

What are the changes Kenya Airways allows to make?

With the reservation, you can make the given changes within their proper time as allotted to each of them. The required changes to be made are as follows:

  • Change the date of travel.
  • Change the destination.
  • Change the flight time.
  • Change the seat you are assigned.

Final Words- With the information given above in the content, you must be aware of information and details related to Kenya Airways change flight date. If you seek more help, you can visit their website or might even choose to contact them for the required assistance. The executive shall serve you with the solution or even complete the process.

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