How much does it cost to cancel a Pegasus flight?

When a person possesses a reservation with Pegasus Airlines, but in any event, if they have to cancel the travel planning, they must choose to cancel the reservation as well to get the paid amount back. Now, there will be numerous conditions for canceling a flight and getting a refund, and the individual has to pay the Pegasus flight cancellation fee based on the fare condition. The cost to cancel a flight depends on your fare class, routes, and the cancellation period from the flight’s departure. Generally, the fee to cancel a flight falls between $100 and $400. 

What are the terms and conditions of canceling a Pegasus flight?

As you know, you have to meet some conditions of the airlines for canceling your ticket, and for that, the applicable Pegasus flight cancellation policy has been explained below:

  • The cancellation period at Pegasus is open till the departure time of the concerned flight.
  • The fee to cancel your ticket will be applicable only when you cancel the ticket after 24 hours of reserving the flight.
  • 24 hours from the time of reservation is considered the grace period when the individuals can cancel the ticket without bearing the cancellation fee. 
  • Due to its fare conditions, the tickets purchased on sale and with non-flexible fares cannot be canceled at Pegasus Airlines. 
  • Medical urgencies and the demise of a partner or close relative also permit travelers to cancel the flight at no cost by providing the concerned documents to Pegasus Airlines. 
  • Travelers who added insurance to their flight tickets can enjoy free flight cancellation. 
  • When multiple bookings have been made at Pegasus, a single flight ticket cannot be canceled; you will have to cancel the whole purchase for the same. 
  • In case of a long delay in your scheduled Pegasus flight, you can demand a free ticket cancellation.

How to cancel a flight with Pegasus Airlines?

Gathering all the information related to the conditions for canceling the flight, you also have to be aware of the different methods by which you can cancel the ticket with Pegasus Airlines. Here, find the different methods to cancel the ticket with ease:

Website Cancellation

The individuals who had bought the Pegasus ticket directly from them can access the reserved itinerary on the website to make the cancellation. For that, you can pursue the following steps:

  • Reach the Pegasus site in your browser,
  • Navigate the “Manage My Bookings” option on the page,
  • You have to enter the PNR Number and Surname to access your itinerary,
  • Once you find your ticket on the page, you can select it to pick the cancel flight option,
  • You have to now opt for the cancellation reason and provide other needed details on the page,
  • Pay the allocated fee if necessary, and your Pegasus flight will be canceled immediately. 

Customer Service Cancellation

A person can also contact Pegasus Airlines' customer service if they would like to cancel their flight reservation for any reason. Immediate assistance will be provided to you by the airline representative on the call, and below the needed steps are mentioned:

  • You have to call Pegasus customer service at the toll-free number 0888-228-1212,
  • Once you avail an assistant in the call, request a cancellation of your ticket for the needed reason,
  • Now, you have to share the PNR number with your surname so that the assistant can access your reservation,
  • Share other needed details as well for the canceling ticket, and you might have to pay the allocated fee online,
  • After a few moments, your ticket will be canceled at Pegasus, and you will get a notification at your number or email. 

What is Pegasus Airlines' refund policy?

You must also know the refund conditions when canceling a flight with Pegasus Airlines. For that, you can find the Pegasus flight cancellation refund policy in the following context:

  • Pegasus Airlines will offer a full ticket refund to those who cancel their ticket within the grace period.
  • The refund for the ticket cancellation outside of the grace period is subject to tax and standard charge deductions from the total fare. 
  • The refund of the tickets is offered in the same form of payment to the individuals. 
  • No refund for non-refundable and non-flexible tickets will be offered in any cancellation term at Pegasus. 
  • The flex plan entitles a person to get a full fare refund at Pegasus, irrespective of the time they had made the cancellation. 
  • Pegasus will process the refund within 7 days of requesting it. 
  • One has to approach the same party for the refund of their Pegasus flight cancellation. 
  • When a flight is canceled due to technical or weather conditions, you can get Pegasus flight cancellation compensation for a new flight at zero cost or a full fare refund. 

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