How Can I Speak To A Live Person At Air Canada?

If you are an Air Canada famous Aeroplan loyalty program member and are recently facing issues logging into your account to make flight reservations and enjoy your associated benefits, then you can contact Air Canada customer service. If you are wondering what options to get through customer services, you have multiple choices. There are many occasions when one communicating medium does not work in that scenario; customers can use the other available approach. The elaborated information is given in the next section. Also, queries that can be resolved by reaching customer services are described below:

What issues can be resolved by reaching Air Canada customer service?

Passengers can reach the services to get a solution to any of the following problems:

  • If you are facing issues in booking transactions.
  • If the weight of your luggage exceeds the limit set.
  • For miles-related queries.
  • For requesting special assistance.
  • For flight cancellations or rescheduling.
  • To track flight status 
  • To gather information about the departing terminal, etc. 

Different communication mediums to get hold of someone at Air Canada:

Customers can utilize several options to contact airline representatives at Air Canada customer service hours and receive required assistance. A detailed description of each of the alternatives is provided in the upcoming section. You are at liberty to use any of the mediums.

Get live assistance by utilizing the phone approach:

If you have any booking-related issues and require live and immediate assistance from Air Canada, the best communication medium is the phone. To begin the process, use the Air Canada toll-free number: 1-888-247-2262. 

Your call will be attended by Air Canada's automated voice that will provide certain instructions and generate the given IVR menu:

  • Dial 1-888-247-2262
  • Press 1: To make flight reservations
  • Press 2: For issues related to group bookings
  • Press 3: To upgrade your traveling class
  • Press 5: For Aeroplan-related issues
  • Press 7: To track luggage status
  • Press 9: To request special assistance
  • Press #: For all other reasons

After you select any of the above mentioned options, your call will be forwarded to the dealing Air Canada representative; you can now discuss your issue and expect the best solution. 

Seek assistance from Air Canada via live chat:

If you urgently need to share your traveling concern and get a solution to conclude your issue, then nothing can beat Air Canada live chat facility. This facility is available to help customers 24//7 and can be utilized by obeying the straightforward steps given below:

  • Go to the official Air Canada website.
  • You must click on the customer support option from the top menu bar.
  • Once you reach the contact page of the airline, you will be displayed various options to get in touch with customer services.
  • Scroll to the end of the contact page and tap the chat icon.
  • Now you can select one field from the options shown or insert your query in 150 characters.
  • Once you press the send key, you will be assisted by an Air Canada virtual assistant who will suggest you the best options to say goodbye to your travel-related problems.

Can you request a callback from Air Canada by sending an email?

Sometimes Air Canada's hold time is unpredictable and long, due to which customers desire to receive a callback. Emails can be sent to the airline requesting a callback from the airline. If you are unfamiliar with the procedure, then you can use the following step:

  • After visiting the airline's official website, you need to enter your login credentials to sign into your account.
  • To reach the contact page of the airline, you must tap on the customer-relation form link to drop an email.
  • Select one of the tiles from the opinions regarding your issue and click the next button.
  • Fill in all the fields marked with stars, briefly describe your issue in the message box, and press the submit button to terminate your process.
  • To receive a callback contact information of the passenger must be enclosed along with the desired callback time. 

Does Air Canada let customers approach their customer services via social media?

If any individual wishes to share his travel concern with the airline and the Air Canada phone number is found busty, he can simply post his issue on multiple social media platforms. He must also tag the official Air Canada account to grab the attention and receive an instant response to messages sent. The following links can be used by the customers to receive important details about the airline and to post their problems:



At what time must we contact Air Canada customer services?

Though the customer service of Air Canada is active 24 hours to eliminate the issues of the customers, if you are looking for the best time to call Air Canada customer service, then you must reach them in the early morning before 9 am as less number of customers try to reach the airline services hence the phone networks are usually available. 

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