How Many Weeks Pregnant Can You Fly Alaska Airlines?

If you are expecting to be a mother and want to travel at the airline, you can fly during any week of the pregnancy. There is no restriction on the pregnancy while you are traveling with Alaska Airlines. If you have a complication during pregnancy, please tell the airline, and they will take care of you. 

Do you have to tell the airline you are pregnant? 

Yes, if you are in the last month, you will be able to tell the airline that you are pregnant, and you have to provide the letter written there so that you can fly at the airline. If you are recently pregnant, you don’t have to tell the airline that you have pregnant. 

What are airline regulations on pregnant passengers? 

Suppose you are pregnant and you have a flight in the upcoming week, and you forgot to tell the airline about this; now you want to know about Alaska airlines rules for pregnancy, you can follow the given below: 

  • Passengers cannot take their flight if their pregnancy is complicated. 
  • Travelers in their second or third trimester should have the fitness certificate from their gynecologist, which should be done within 72 hours before the scheduled flight. 
  • On the certificate, it should be written that the traveler can fly and are fit for travel on the flight and the due date of delivery.
  • If the traveler has a pregnancy of more than 36 weeks, the airline will not be allowed them to them for traveling on the flight.

Can you fly at 32 weeks pregnant?

Yes, you can fly at 32 weeks pregnant. If you are healthy and pregnant, you can fly during that time. If you have completed 32 weeks and you have a flight, you could not be able to board your flight. If it is essential to board your flight, kindly ask your gynecologist to give the letter stating that you are physically fit for the travel.

Do babies fly free on Alaska airlines?

If you are traveling with a lap infant, the babies fly free at the airline. You must pay the charges if the baby is not on your lap. If you require more information about traveling with the babies, you can communicate with the representative or visit the official website and get all the information.

Alaska Airlines Pregnancy Policy

  • When traveling during pregnancy, you must take everything with you to travel; it will make your journey comfortable. Please read the pregnancy policy while you are boarding your flight: 
  • If you are in the 28th week of your pregnancy, you don’t require the certification from the gynecologist until your case is complicated or has health issues. You must provide the certification letter if you have any health issues or if your pregnancy is complicated. You must provide the certificate if your pregnancy has been completed more than 28 weeks. 
  • Between the 29th to the 36th week, and you have a flight, you must provide the physically fit certificate, and it also mentions your estimated delivery time. 
  • If the traveler has started their 36th week of pregnancy, they are not allowed to board the airline. 
  • Passengers should inform the airline staff for their safety and convenience during the flight. Passengers should inform the airline whether they have any allergies or health complications.
  • If you take timely precautions, it will help you to have a safe and comfortable journey with the airline. 
  • To avoid mishappenings during your flight, you should take advice from a gynecologist and get a certificate for safe travel, and the certificate should not be more than 72 hours of flying. 
  • Passengers should book a seat that will be more comfortable and have more space and considerable legroom.
  • Pregnant women should also carry all their medication and other details in case of any medical emergency on the flight. 
  • Pregnant women should inform the flight staff about food allergies, swollen feet issues, or bloating. The staff will take complete care of their health condition, and they will make their journey safe and comfortable.
  • You are further suggested to provide complete information to the flight staff about any food allergies, swollen feet issues, or bloating you may suffer while flying.
  • Travelers can fly in the seventh month of pregnancy and should take their medications. 
  • According to the airline, it is advisable not to travel alone while expecting a baby. The traveler should visit with their family, who will assist them with the luggage and other things at the airport and while flying. 

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