How many weeks pregnant can you fly internationally on Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines is a Singapore-based flag carrier providing flight services on international and domestic routes. The main motto of the airlines is to provide safety and the best services to their passengers, especially women passengers. If a woman is pregnant and planning to fly with the airline, they must be well aware of Singapore Airlines pregnancy policy, rules, and regulations of the airlines. You can also contact the airline's customer support representative for related information. Keep reading the article to learn about the pregnancy policy of Singapore Airlines.

  • If the woman is 28 weeks pregnant or earlier than that, no medical certificate will be required to be presented at the airport while boarding the airline.
  • If pregnancy is beyond 28 months, then the women passenger will be required to show a medical certificate at the airport for a return flight.
  • In case of complications in pregnancy, you will not be allowed to board the flight.
  • In case of an uncomplicated single pregnancy of 29 to 36 weeks, the passenger must show a medical certificate in which it must be mentioned that the woman is fit to travel, the estimated date of delivery, the number of weeks of pregnancy, and other related information.
  • For uncomplicated multiple pregnancies of 29 to 32 weeks, the passenger must show a medical certificate at check-in, dating after 28 weeks of pregnancy, and within ten days of the first flight. 
  • In the case of uncomplicated single pregnancy of 36 weeks or more than that. Then women will not be allowed to air travel due to the safety of two lives. 

If the woman is pregnant, they must read above mentioned Singapore Airlines rules for pregnant policy. 

Can I travel to Singapore while pregnant?

Yes, the pregnant woman is allowed to travel to Singapore, but as per the policy and guidelines of the airline. If the woman's stomach does not show up about the pregnancy, there will be no need to present a specialist medical letter during check-in. After five months of pregnancy, when the stomach is visible, the woman must show a pregnancy certificate and be allowed to board the flight as per the airline's policy. 

How to contact airlines if you need special assistance during pregnancy?

If the traveler has queries related to the airline's policy, they can contact Singapore Airlines customer service by using the phone number. You need to dial +1 (833) 727-0118, follow the Pre-recorded call instructions, and touch the number as per your requirement. You might be required for a while to get in contact, then request the agent to provide special assistance. The customer support team is available 24/7 to provide help to their clients. 

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