How long does it take to get a ticket refund from Emirates?

Anyone booking with an airline is always anxious about any scenario cropping up that may intervene in their travel plans. Since the airlines acknowledge this randomness, they provide considerable relief on ticket cancelations. Emirates also has an Emirates refund request which enables one to get their money back if they are not to travel, and those curious can read on.

Get familiar with Emirates refund policy

  • Any ticket cancelations made within the initial 24 hours of booking will be eligible for a complete refund without any cancelation charges irrespective of the ticket type, provided the cancelation was made a week before the flight departure.
  • Ticket cancellations after 24 hours of booking may invite cancelation charges depending on the flight reservation type.
  • Refundable tickets are eligible for a refund even after the 24-hour cushion period, and the final refund will be the total price of the ticket minus the cancelation charges.
  • Nonrefundable tickets can expect to get the airport or government taxes and costs and cannot claim a refund on any other part of the ticket.
  • The partially used nonrefundable tickets can be used to raise a refund request on their unused part of the itinerary.
  • Involuntary cancelations of any flight will automatically make every passenger eligible for a complete refund, including even those non-refundable tickets.

How to request a refund from Emirates?

Tickets booked directly from Emirates by calling their reservations agent, or the Emirates website can be canceled, and a refund request is raised straight from the airline itself. However, according to the Emirates refund policy, those who got a booking from a third-party reservation will have to contact the same vendor to get a cancelation and refund on the reservation. 

Refund via the website:

  • One can get on the Emirates official homepage and click on "Manage" at the top of the page.
  • Hit "Cancel your booking" from the drop-down menu and let the browser load the next page.
  • Using the flight reservation number, search for the ticket itinerary of the said flight reservation and then click on "Cancel flight."
  • Confirm the cancelation by paying any cancelation charges if prompted by the browser, and raise the refund request from the same portal if eligible.
  • An email will signify a successful cancelation, and the email will also have a refund link if the portal wasn't used to raise the refund claim.
  • Alternatively, suppose a passenger has their flight already canceled. If so, they can fill out the refund request form available at the bottom of the website and submit it to initiate the refund process.

Via Customer Care:

If the Emirates website isn't accessible, one can call Emirates by dialing their customer support number and ask the voice agent to raise the refund claim. This would be paid assistance apart from the Emirates refund charges, so it's advisable to use the website first if one can do so.

Emirates refund charges

  • Emirates refund charges depend upon the flight destination, route, and fare type.
  • One can expect a refund charge of $200 for medium-haul flights, provided the ticket type is refundable and under the category of being charged.
  • Business-class and first-class can get a full refund without paying any charges.

How long does the Emirates refund take?

Emirates processes refunds within 21 days, and one can expect the money to show up in their bank accounts in 7-21 days. The Emirates refund time for those who had used credit or debit cards can expect a quicker refund within ten days.

One can call Emirates customer care for any further assistance on anything related to cancelation or refund.

Official website:

Regarding request a refund visit:

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    FLIGHT N0 1762366433909 TERRY GREEN / RHONDA GREEN. I am not impressed with the refund of my tickets , as on your policy it states $ 200 plus charges. These charges are abhorrent. from $ 5000 to $ 2585 IS NOT A FAIR DEAL IN ANY ONES OPINION

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