How Long Does it Take to Get a Refund from Wizz Air?

Become aware of the Wizz Air refund subject

When you cancel your Wizz Air flight ticket, you get to apply for a refund. And refund can be applied by contacting the customer service team or online. Thus for the call, you can refer to the contact us page, and for the online path, you can read the subtitle.

Gain knowledge on the subject matter of the Wizz Air refund policy

Prior to going through the refund process, know about the refund policy, and by knowing about its policy, you can scrutinize your claim to see if you are entitled to the refund or not. Thus the Wizz air refund policy details have been illustrated below.

  • You can seek a full refund from the airline if you have completed the consultation process within the 24-hour booking and that booking has been made seven days before the flight departure date.
  • But, when you have crossed the grace time and then made the cancellation, your refund will be subject to the cancellation fee and deduction of that and the rest sum you will receive back.
  • Whenever the travel agent makes the booking, they are responsible for your refund, not the Wizz Air airline. And if you have such a reservation, then contact them.
  • If you have to cancel your booking from Wizz Air within two of the flight departure, you will not be able to receive a refund for the services you purchased.
  • Under any circumstances, if the airline cancels your reservation, you can also apply for a full refund.

Know about the path to claiming for Wizz air refund 

Further, going through the statutory provision of the Wizz air refund, you have found that you are eligible for the refund. Then follow the path written here, and you will get to apply for the refund online.

  • Formerly, you get to pick any search engines, and there you had to search for the authenticated website of Wizz Air or install the Wizz Air application on your phone.
  • When you have located the authenticated site, then you have to choose the booking option, which is present at the top taskbar.
  • After this, a small tab of find booking will open, and under that, you have to type your confirmation code with the passenger's last name, then you have to click on the search symbol.
  • Now, you will get to locate the canceled ticket, and at the foot of that page, you have the refund icon, click on that.
  • When you select the refund icon, you will have to fill in the details, which are asked in the form, and when you have finished, hit the submit icon.
  • When you finish the refund process, you will receive the refund number on your phone number and email address.

Know your refund status from Wizz Air

When you have finished the refund process, you can track Wizz air refund status by calling the customer service team. But the tie which the Wizz Air takes is seven business days but the booking has not to be made by the credit card. But when the payment has been by that, you have to wait for the twenty business days and within this period of time sum will get to reflect in your in that time. But when you have a complicated case, then this time may get exceeded.

Hence, this is all about the Wizz Air refund, and when you get there, you have an idea about the policy, process, and tracking process with the time period. Contact the customer service team if your Wizz air refund delay from the prescribed time.

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