How Long Does It Take To Get A Refund From China Airlines?

Getting a refund after canceling the flight is always beneficial. You will get your money back if any external factor affects your plan, such as weather issues, unstable health, flight delay, etc. While booking with China airlines, you will get multiple facilities such as traveling with miles, a representative to assist, extra luggage allowance, etc. If, after booking the flight, you get any issues or the purpose of your booking gets canceled, then you can also cancel the booking and apply for a china airlines refund. You will know the complete report by reading below if you need to get information about the refund process, policies, etc. 

China airlines refund policies are below. 

Information about China Airlines' refund policies is essential before canceling the flight. It gives you information about whether you must pay the cancelation fee or get the whole amount as a refund. You must follow the policies mentioned below to get the refund form.

  • If you send the refund request within 24 hours of China airlines flight reservation and the time left in your flight departure is more than three days, you can get a complete refund. 
  • After the 24 hours of free cancelation window, you have to pay the charges of flight cancelation, and then you will get the money back. 
  • As per the china airlines refund policy, if you get any health issue that is not good for travel, you can show the genuine medical certificate and apply for a complete refund. 
  • If you have insurance on your flight ticket, you can cancel the bookings without paying charges and receive a complete refund. 
  • At the time of flight departure, if the airlines delay take off for more than 3 hours and you make the check-in process successfully, you will get the option to cancel the booking and get complete it, or you can reschedule the booking without paying charges. 
  • You make a booking through any voucher or miles, and then you cancel the booking; in that case, you will get them in the form of a coupon, which is valid for the next 12 months. 

The modes to cancel the booking of China airlines are below. 

There are multiple modes given by China airlines through which you can cancel the bookings, and if you need more information about these modes, you need to read below. 

Connect with a representative: Applying for a refund for the first time, and you need more information about the process. Or if you want to know any information about china airline's refund status, then you can reach the representative to get their help. To communicate with the representative, the fastest mode is called, and to communicate on calls, you have to dial 1 (800) 227-5118 and then choose the language you are comfortable with connecting. After this, you have to follow the below-mentioned IVR process. 

  • Dial 1 for new flight reservations or upgrade the bookings 
  • Dial 2 to cancel the bookings and apply for the refund 
  • Dial 3 if your queries are related to miles or offers
  • Dial 4 to make special assistance request
  • Dial 5 to connect with the representatives

You have to listen to the IVR instruction carefully and then choose the option as per the query. Then the representative will connect with you, give them your booking information and cancellation reason, and they will apply for the refund. The best time to reach these representatives is from 07:00 to 14:00. 

Through the website: While reaching out to the representative on call, if you are getting any glitches such as call hold, voice break, etc., you can also go with the alternative mode, which is online mode. You can follow the points below if you want to use this alternative online mode. 

  • Visit the China airlines official website in your browser 
  • Then click on to manage booking option
  • After this, fill out the last name and booking reference number in the given space.
  • Following this, choose the option of flight cancelation and then mention the reason. 
  • further, find out the refund and mention the necessary information 
  • Next, if you see any charges, then pay them by using your card or other online modes
  • Last, you will get an email about the successful cancellation of the flight bookings. 

Via counter: If you reach the airport and face any issue before check-in, then you can get the option to cancel the booking from the counter of China airlines. You must go to their counter and give your complete booking and personal information. After this, if the representative asks for any charges, then by them and you can apply for the refund. 

The time taken to get a refund from China airlines is below mention.

The time taken to get a refund from China airlines will depend upon the mode you choose to apply for a refund and the route or destination of your flight. If you make the booking using your card, you will get the refund within 12 working days, and if you use any other mode for flight booking, you will get the refund within 17 working days. 

By reading the above, you will know about the modes of china airlines refund requests; still, if you get any issues, you can also take the help of the representative and get proper guidance. 

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