How long does EVA Air take to refund?

EVA Air refund you take while you have a sudden change in plans to travel which might occur due to bad weather conditions or any medical situation has taken place which might occur because of COVID-19 or you met with an accident. You have to rest for more than 3-4 months, so in such circumstances, the most suitable option would be to cancel your EVA Air ticket. But if you cancel your itinerary, you must have an EVA Air refund ticket with you because against refundable tickets, only you will get refunds. If you have a non-refundable ticket, you won't get refunds unless you show EVA Air some relevant medical documents.

However, before you cancel your itinerary for refunds, you should know references for the EVA Air refund policy, and you will get appropriate guidance on refunds for the EVA Air tickets.

Get familiar with the refund policy of EVA Air

  • As per EVA Air refund policy, refunds will be credited back to the person whose name is mentioned on the ticket or to the person who paid for it, and they will have to submit certain documents.
  • Although in case the ticket conditions are restricted on the ticket refund, refunds will be made to the person who paid for the ticket.
  • If you haven't used any portion of your ticket, the refund amount will equal the fare already paid.
  • According to EVA Air refund policy, a passenger who cancels a ticket within 24 hours of purchase then you will get full refunds.
  • Note if you booked a flight ticket via credit/debit card then you will get refunds within 7-10 business days. But if you purchased the ticket by cash or check then you will get refunds within 20 working days.
  • But in situations where you cancel your ticket after 24 hours, then you are out of your free time zone, and you will get a deduction on your purchased ticket, and the rest of the refunds will get transferred as future travel credits, which can be used up to 1 year.

How to Request a Refund from EVA Air?

Hence, if you wish to put up an EVA Air refund request, you will have to go through some simple and easy points, which are referred to here below by which you can make up for refund requests at EVA Air.

  • At first, you are required to reach the official web page of EVA Air
  • After that, log in to your account using the correct username and password.
  • Now, on the site's homepage, select the manage my booking tab.
  • Next, in the booking section, enter the ticket reference number and the passenger's last name.
  • You then have your itinerary onscreen there; choose the refund application tab.
  • Herein fill up all the necessary details like full name, email ID, address, phone number, zip code, etc.
  • After this, enter ticket details that carry the booking reference number, trip type, class, destination, and other necessary information.
  • Further, you need to select the refund reason, describe it well in 1000 characters, and move ahead.
  • You will receive a confirmation email with complete information about the refund application.

Since you have followed the above information on EVA Air Refunds, you will get complete knowledge of refund policies and processes. If you wish to cancel your ticket and get a refund application started by a customer service expert, you are moving ahead. You can use the helpline number to contact a live representative for assistance.

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