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Volotea Airlines is famous for providing cheap flight tickets to various destinations with its splendid features and services. When you visit its official website, you will go for online booking, get direct flights, discounts, offers, and much more. Likewise, if you are traveling to your required destination, you must go for the Volotea Airlines check-in process and plan your trip suitably. You can check your bags, select your preferred seat during online check-in, and enjoy your convenient flight journey until you reach your destination securely.

How early can you check-in for Volotea?

When you get the confirmation of booked flight ticket on your registered mobile phone, you get the complete details of the travel plan. You will figure out the valid date and time for the check-in and accurately complete the check-in task online or offline. You must always be ready to meet your Volotea check-in policy online, which enables you to start your check-in within four days to 2 and a half hours before the flight's scheduled departure time. After checking your seats and baggage, you may receive your boarding pass on your mobile. You can also request a printable boarding pass to use at the airport during the boarding service. 

How many hours before a flight can I check in Volotea?

You can start the check-in within 2 to a half hours before your flight departure and get complete assistance to add and remove baggage and select your seat quickly. Further, you must also be ready to start the check-in using different resources, and their check-in timing would be different. It is important to be aware of the Volotea check-in rules and go through essential details for the check-in duration and process to perform the check-in task suitably.

  • When you don’t pick your seat during your booking, you must start the check-in task within four days, and it ends within 35 minutes before flight departure. 
  • Volotea Airlines recommends you check in online within 2 hours and 30 minutes before the flight's departure.
  • When you forget the check-in online, you can go to the official website to add your airport check-in and select the cost of €10 per passenger to reach the airport within 2 hours.
  • Mostly your check-in task depends on your departure cities and destinations you have picked and arrive at the airport earlier.
  • When you miss your online check-in and don’t get your boarding pass, you must reach the airport early, go for the standard check-in process, and get the new boarding pass.
  • During the check-in process online or at the airport, you can add more luggage to your booking and pay the charges accordingly.
  • You can check-in up to 5 pieces of baggage up to a maximum of 50kg per passenger and more bags with a weight limit of 20 to 25 kg per suitcase or piece of luggage.

Check-in process online on Volotea Airlines:

When you plan your flight journey comfortably and securely, you can start the check-in process online that you can do at your place. When you select the online check-in task, you can go through the website or use the mobile check-in app that can be done within 2 hours to 30 minutes, and it closes within 35 minutes before flight departure. If you want to start the Volotea web check-in online, you will meet your requirement by going through the official booking website and the process conveniently.

  • First, visit the booking website of Volotea Airlines, go to the Your Booking option, and select the check-in tab.
  • You will select the Get our boarding pass section, go to the check-in details, and enter the passenger's reference number and last name.
  • Select your preferred seat, add your essential baggage during online check-in, and request the boarding pass instantly.
  • You can save your boarding pass on your phone or print it to show at the airport during boarding service for the Vueling flight journey.  

You can also complete the check-in task on your mobile or tablet and computer device by accessing your booking. You can enter the booking number and surname of the passenger, complete the check-in, and get your boarding pass suitably.

The check-in process at the airport on Volotea Airlines:

You can start the check-in process at the airport, and for that, you need to securely reach the airport within 2 to a half hours before flight departure. If you want to start the Volotea Airport check-in process but don’t know what to do, you will get at least two options: Kiosk self-check-in, and the second reaches the airport to complete the check-in and securely get the boarding pass. You can add extra baggage and select your seat to make your flight journey comfortable.

How early can you check bags for Volotea?

When you wish to check your bags, you must comprehend the rules that allow you to add and remove your baggage. When you complete the online check-in, you can add your baggage within 2 hours before departure. You can add more luggage during the Volotea check-in baggage service and get information about the size and weight of the bags. While check-in, you must be aware of the baggage policy and charges to add more baggage and complete the check-in securely.

Baggage price for Volotea Airlines:

You have been instructed to add more luggage at the baggage check-in time at the baggage drop counter. But, for extra luggage, you must pay the Volotea check-in baggage price is mentioned to get some clue to travel with your excess baggage securely.

  • You can travel with hand baggage of 7 kg and 115 cm free and 15 kg checked luggage with dimensions at no cost.
  • You can travel with at least five check-in bags with 20 kg and pay the charges for baggage at the airport check-in, around €50 per passenger.
  • If you are traveling with 25 kg of checked baggage and want to check your luggage, you must pay $65 per passenger.

What size is a 10 kg checked-in bag Volotea?

Traveling with a 10 KG checked-in bag, Volotea counts in a cabin bag and adds a small handbag. You can add both pieces of baggage to your cabin and plan your flight journey with its maximum Volotea check-in baggage size of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm and carry your small bag on board the aircraft. When you add any special baggage, its weight must be around 32 kg, and its sizes would be the same, making your fight journey perfectly convenient.

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