How Do You Get Special Assistance with Ryanair?

Ryanair is one of the best airlines that you can use to travel with comfort, and if there are some issues or you are traveling with a disabled person, elder one, or other medical problems, then you need to get special assistance that helps to have a journey with them. If you are looking for Ryanair special assistance, then below are the following all the information that is mentioned which will help you to get service.

To get more details for special assistance to get connect with them and other required information quickly then, you have to read this content till the end and track all the measures that are mentioned below:-

Methods to book special assistance with Ryanair:-

There are numerous ways that you can operate to get connect with a representative and reserve special assistance; below are the following that mentioned:-

Official website- if you want to get special book assistance for any passengers, then for that, the following steps are mentioned:-

  • Initially, you have to access the Ryanair official website and then select the special assistance option, tap on that, and then you will notice a passenger service or customer services option.
  • Now, you must deliver all the details related to the flight, like their number, departure and arrival, destinations, and date.
  • Multiple types of assistance include wheelchair, hearing-impaired, and visually-impaired assistance.
  • After that, you select the assistance according to the issues and provide the additional requirement to book the flight seat.
  • Enter all the details and click the confirm button when you request that.
  • Lastly, pay and get the messages to your registered email address and contact number.

You can also connect and reserve special assistance with Ryanair through their official contact number. For that, here are the following steps that you follow are mentioned:-

Initially, you have to visit the official homepage of Ryanair and then move to the contact us page, where you need to start searching for the official contact number; when you get the number +44 1279358438, dial it. After that, you directly get connected with virtual services that assist you in following all the instructions and contact a real representative to book the particular assistance. Also, you need to know that Ryanair's special assistance prices are free of cost, you can easily get assistance at the airport without any charges, and they will assist you in boarding the flight.

Baggage allowance of special assistance of Ryanair:-

You need to know about the Ryanair special assistance baggage allowance, and below are the following all components that you must understand and follow properly:-

  • For them, the small personal bag size allows us 40cm, x20cm, x25cm, and also; they are permitted to take an additional 10kg bag without any extra charges.
  • The larger checked-in baggage, whose size is 20kg, is charged $25 to $35 per bag, and for post-booking, the charges are $40.
  • When you reduce mobility and have pre-booked airport assistance, you can carry both pieces of cabin baggage into the cabin.
  • You can take medical items and provide the contacted Ryanair special assistance line in advance.
  • The duty-free purchase you brought into the cabin and your handbags. When you reach out to Ryanair, ensure that there is no limitation to the quantity of duty-free bags you can bring aboard.

Ryanair special assistance seats allowance:-

There is also some seat-related information that you need to know about Ryanair's special assistance seats, and below are the following that are mentioned for you to know when you are booking the flight ticket for special passengers, follow the below:-

There are three different types of seats and according to that the fees depend, below are the following mentioned:-

  • To get the standard seat, the charges are $4.00
  • For the front seats, the charge is $13.01.
  • If you are accommodating to obtain an extra legroom seat, then you will get that at $15.00.
  • If you are comfortable sitting on any seat, you need to pay the charges of $4 per person.

All the statements noted above associated with How do you get special assistance with Ryanair will be advantageous and beneficial for you to follow. There are all the details you can operate while booking, and for any doubt, directly connect with an expert representative.

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    Sonia Maria Brito Wed, 18 Oct 2023 14:01:21
    For them, the small personal bag size allows us 40cm, x20cm, x25cm, and also; they are permitted to take an additional 10kg bag without any extra charges.... i traveled more then 10 times with raynair and none of that happen. I have hade desapointments about some airports and my lugage in Raynair. They tell me only small bag is okI hate the stress of traveling not knowing what is going to happen in the airports with my bags :(

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