How do I talk to TAP Portugal customer service?

TAP Portugal is a flag carrier airline of Portugal that allows passengers to proceed with reserving their flight tickets most conveniently. They provide them with the best and most comfortable domestic and international flights. They even ensure the best customer service support in case of any error or difficulty. The passengers can find multiple ways to connect with TAP Portugal customer service and get reliable assistance. Each of them is elaborated here for you.

Multiple ways to connect with TAP Portugal

There are multiple ways to connect with the airline's customer service team and ask them for the best help and assistance. Let's discuss each one of them in a detailed manner.

How can I communicate with the TAP Portugal agent over the call?

It is well known to people that calling is the most convenient way to get the solution to their query as they can easily find the TAP Portugal customer service number available for their region and get the best possible assistance.

  • Dial the customer service number (+44) 345 350 0100, and once connected, you have to follow the auto-generated call menu.
  • Press 1 to ask any general query with the airline.
  • Press 2 to initiate the reservation of their flight ticket.
  • Press 3 to initiate the process of change.
  • Press 4 to get special assistance.
  • Press 5 to get the customer service representative.
  • Once the IVR process is complete, there will be a short hold before the customer service agent of the airline will connect with you to resolve your issue.

The call line is available from 8h to 24h per the WET Portugal mainland timing. To get quick assistance, calling the airline during non-peak hours is advisable.

The TAP Portugal phone number list for different countries and regions is mentioned here.

  • South Africa- +2711-455-4908, +2711-455-4907
  • Germany- +496-950-602-658
  • Saudi Arabia- (+351)-211-234-400
  • Australia- (+351)-211-234-400
  • Brazil- 0-800-888-2099
  • Colombia- (+351)-211-234-400

Steps to connect with the agent over live chat

Suppose the hold time over call is unending, and the traveler runs out of time. In that case, they can connect with them over the TAP Portugal customer service chat, as the live agent will connect there with you to ensure you get the best possible service.

  • The first move is to the airline's official website, and once connected, you have to find the contact option given at the end of the homepage. 
  • You'll get redirected to the contact page by clicking on the given option, after which you must search and select the live chat option.
  • Click on the chat icon to follow the auto-generated chat process to identify your issue and choose the option accordingly.
  • Once the recorded chat process is complete, there will be a short hold, after which the customer service agent of the airline will connect with you to provide you with a reliable solution.
  • You may also need to submit the feedback form explaining your experience with the airlines.

Steps to connect with the agent through the Contact form

The passengers can get their queries registered by filling out the contact form. All you have to do is follow the steps that are given below.

  • Get onto the official website of TAP Portugal  
  • Once you get onto the official homepage, scroll down to find the 'Contact us' option.
  • Click on the given option to get redirected to the help page.
  • You will also find the 'Contact us' option below the "Talk to us" heading.
  • A four-step form will appear on your screen, in which you must select your query's subject in the initial step.
  • The following steps will be of description, where you log in to your airline account and select whether you want to check the complaint status or lodge a complaint.
  • Description the issue of your query in detail in the description section after login.
  • In the third step, you must provide your details, including your name, address or ticket details, phone number, or email address.
  • The final step will be confirmation, and you need to make the confirmation and proceed with the final submission of your form.
  • It might take up to 24 hours to hear from the airline and resolve your issue.

Unfortunately, the airline doesn't provide the TAP Portugal customer service email service. Still, if the travelers need to inquire about the group booking, they can mail the mail to the airline at and get the complete information about the group booking.

Steps to connect with the agent through Social Media

The social media method is advised to have opted when you have to submit a complaint, comment, or compliment after your flight with the airline. The airline will look into the matter and might compensate you for the inconvenience they caused during your flight.

Bottom Line

All possible methods to connect with the customer service agent of the airline are mentioned and explained above. For more detailed information, visit the official website for quick assistance. The social media method is advisable for you to use to post your opinion or experience with the airline.

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