How Do I Speak to a Human at WestJet?

A traveler needs assistance from a live person, and they can use the helpline number and obtain quick assistance from the representative. The airline offers different contact numbers, which passengers can use according to their region and query. To connect with WestJet customer service, they can follow the given procedure carefully-

  • Open the web page of WestJet Airlines
  • Locate your mouse toward the help option and choose the Contact Us section.
  • Scroll down the page and get the customer service contact numbers list.
  • Choose the contact number according to your query.
  • Communicate with customer service on this official phone number: (888) 937-8538
  • Follow the IVR process carefully.
  • Dial 1 or 2 to choose the preferred language.
  • Dial 3 to create the reservation.
  • Dial 4 to cancel the reservation.
  • Dial 5 to check the baggage allowance information.
  • Dial 6 to speak with someone.
  • Press the command as per your query.
  • Please communicate with the live agent, inquire about your queries, and get an instant solution from the representative.

What are the WestJet customer service hours?

Suppose you want to inquire about any query and are looking for the  WestJet customer service hours; you can communicate with the representative 24/7. During this time, you can speak with customer service at any method.

How do I raise my query with someone at the WestJet Chat Option?

The airline recently launched the chat option. At the chat option, you can state your query and obtain the solution from the representative. The WestJet customer service chat option is available on the web page, or the airline app. Here are the details to communicate with the airline representative on the chat option-

  • Go to the web portal of WestJet Airlines:
  • Locate your mouse toward the chat option and tap on it.
  • Write down the required details to begin the chat.
  • State your doubt in the text field or choose the topic from the list.
  • Receive a quick solution from the representative.

How to file a complaint regarding the Westjet Airline?

The passenger wants to file a complaint regarding the airline, and they can fill out the WestJet complaints form and acquire an immediate solution from the representative. On the complaint form, please provide the details carefully. Here is the general procedure for filling out the complaint form-

  • Launch the web portal of WestJet Airlines:
  • Go to the help option on the right-hand side of the homepage and tap on the contact section.
  • Get the various customer service methods, and choose the form option.
  • Under the form option, tap on the complaint form option.
  • Provide your details in the form.
  • Recheck your details, click the submit option, and acquire an immediate solution from the representative.

What is the WestJet phone number in Canada?

If you want to communicate with someone at Westjet in Canada, you can use the airline contact number and acquire all the information from the representative within a second. Use the WestJet phone number in Canada- 1-866-666-6224. Speak with the representative on this number.

How can I get a call back from WestJet?

To request a call back from the airline, you can use the various customer service options and get a callback instantly or clear your doubts about the customer service options. You can use the method according to your preference. To acquire the information about WestJet callback, you can use the given methods-

•             Request a Callback by Pressing the Voice Prompt-

You call the airline, and it takes time to connect with someone on the phone; you press the voice prompt to call back and provide your contact number, which has incoming and outgoing calls available. You will receive a callback from the airline, and you can quickly clear your doubts from the representative.

•             Fill out the callback form-

The airline provides the contact form, where you can request a callback. To get the callback form, follow the procedure carefully; here are the.

  1. Visit the web page of WestJet Airlines:
  2. Go to the help section and choose the contact option.
  3. Get the various customer service methods. Choose the form option.
  4. Under the form section, tap the callback form option.
  5. Enter the required details like- your name, contact details, and timing availability.
  6. You will receive a call from the airline according to your timing.
  7. You can provide your query to the airline representative, and you will get the solution from the representative instantly.

•             Request a callback on the chat option-

If you wish to communicate with the live person and have tried many options but could not speak with the representative. You can request a callback from the airline on the chat option. You must provide the required details to the airline representative on the chat option. When you go to the chat section, there will be a list of topics, and you can select it and try to clear your doubts. If you cannot clear your doubt, you must request a callback from the airline, and you will get a callback from them as soon as possible.

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  1. Avatar
    dennis dudeck Tue, 05 Sep 2023 20:46:21
    Please call me at 204 981 2620...My Question is When do non stop fights begin and stop from Winnipeg MB to Phoenix AZ
  2. Avatar
    Michael Crews Thu, 05 Oct 2023 16:48:54
    Please call 850-766-6568 ... I need assistance in making my seat selection on my flight, West Jet Conf # KPXYHB
  3. Avatar
    MARION CARTER Thu, 02 Nov 2023 20:45:03
    I am horribly frustrated that I cannot talk to a live agent. I have been trying for days to ask a simple question.On my Visa card I paid for my seats both ways, and I also paid for my luggage. I never received confirmation of either items.I was charged on my Visa for these two things.I would appreciate it if someone could call me so that I can get this figured out before we are at the airport.My number is 905 852-9903, Marion Carter email: bruce@cartcongc.comThank you
  4. Avatar
    Peter Fraser Sat, 18 Nov 2023 23:26:12
    I have been trying many numbers to get me through to customer service but with no luck whatsoever. I an trying to do a few things as follow:1. Booking a flight from Vancouver to Honolulu return using my companion ticket which I am not sure I have or not.2. I am trying to book flights for my son, daughter-in-law and 3 kids using either West Jet dollars or a combination.I have never run across anything this difficult before in terms of actually speaking to WestJet Customer Service. would appreciate a call back from someone.
  5. Avatar
    Alina Maciborsky Sun, 25 Feb 2024 16:59:03
    Want to go over flights and a my departure time and overlsy
  6. Avatar
    Gail Neurauter Sajtos Sat, 02 Mar 2024 18:38:13
    I need assistance with my request (outlined below). We have submitted several times, I am receiving no response to emails, there is no contact # or email for delayed flight compensation.... I just spent 30 min on hold with your general number with no success. Please see information below and advise:I am requesting your assistance as the online system is not clear and I cannot find a phone number to contact Westjet for assistance with this matter. In Jan, I booked flights for my husband and I via Calgary to LA and back. On our return, we had a delay in flight that Westjet staff at the counter indicated was within Westjet's control. I applied for compensation for this delay and was granted $400 - thank you.My husband applied also and was told the request had to be under my name as I had booked the flights and the itinerary for us was under my name. This was unusual as when we have travelled with groups in the past, each individual had to apply for compensation regardless of who booked the flights.However, he reapplied under my name and then I received an email saying Westjet had received multiple claims under my name and so was denied.My question is: if we were both delayed on the same flight under the same itinerary, and I was successful in my claim, how is he to apply so he can receive compensation as well. He has tried under his name and my name unsuccessfully. If one claim per itinerary is indeed all that is allowed, why did we not receive $800 to cover both of us? I hope for a speedy reply and/or a direct contact phone number for someone who can assist me with this matter.The travel information is in the email thread below. My husband's name is Robert Gordon Sajtos.Thank you,Gail Neurauter SajtosFrom: Appr Claim <>Sent: February 19, 2024 2:23 PMTo: <>Subject: Re: APPR Claim Thank you for contacting WestJet.To ensure you receive emails from WestJet, please add us to your contacts.Merci de contacter WestJet.Afin de vous assurer de recevoir les courriels de WestJet, veuillez nous ajouter à vos contacts.Hello Gail,Reservation: EGNENDCity Pairs: Los Angeles - Calgary - SaskatoonThank you for submitting your Air Passenger Protection Regulation (APPR) claim.Our records show that we have received multiple submissions for your APPR claim. When submitting an APPR claim only one claim is required per flight itinerary, which includes the original departure city to the final destination.We can confirm your claim has been adjudicated and our reply was sent to on January 29, 2024. As such, this duplicate claim will not be reviewed.Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused by the interruption to your travel plans. We appreciate your continued support and hope to have the opportunity to welcome you on board again soon.Regards,Samar | On behalf of WestJet WestJet Company LogoPrivacy policy / Politique de confidentialitéYou received this email because you submitted a question or comment on This email may be privileged and/or confidential and must not be disclosed, copied, forwarded or distributed without authorization. If you received this message in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete the original message.Vous avez reçu ce courriel parce que vous avez soumis une question ou un commentaire sur Ce courriel peut être protégé ou confidentiel. Il est interdit de le divulguer, de le copier, de le transférer ou de le distribuer sans autorisation. Si vous avez reçu ce message par erreur, veuillez en aviser l’expéditeur immédiatement et supprimer le message d’origine.© WestJet. All rights reserved. / © WestJet. Tous droits réservés.WestJet, 22 Aerial Place NE, Calgary, AB T2E 3J1, CanadaOn Tue, 30 Jan 2024 at 12:45 AM <> wrote:Form Submission URL: URL: interruptions/compensation-claimsAre you an individual or a travel agent submitting on behalf of a guest?: IndividualIf a travel agent, please provide your IATA number:If a third party company, please provide your company name and claim number:First name: GailLast name: Neurauter SajtosPhone number: 3062218018Email address: gsajtos@sasktel.netConfirm email address: gsajtos@sasktel.netAddress line 1: 315 Berini DriveAddress line 2: Unit 310City: SaskatoonZip / postal code: S7N4M1State / province: SKCountry: CanadaWestJet Rewards ID: 601326891Airline: westjetDeparture airport: Los Angeles, CAArrival airport: Calgary, ABFinal destination: Saskatoon SKDeparture date: 2024-01-10WestJet flight number: WS1511Reservation code: EGNENDTicket number: 8382182669653

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