How can I get a refund from Thai Airways?

Thai Airways is a flag carrier of Thailand, a well-known and reputed Airway that offers its passengers various services and provides quick assistance after canceling your reserved flight. Suppose you want to gather information regarding Thai Airways refund status. In that case, you can head with the procedure to get a refund from the Airline representative, as there are different methods to get support from the Thai Airways live agent. However, before heading with the refund procedure, get informed about the Airline's refund policy cited below.

Thai Airways refund policy

Unlike every Airline, Thai Airways also has certain rules and regulations regarding refund policy. To get acknowledged, you can go through the Thai Airways refund policy points mentioned below and understand the terms and conditions of the Airways wisely.

  • After canceling your Thai Airways scheduled flight within 24 hours of your booking time, you will be eligible to receive a full refund from the Airways.
  • When the cancellation occurs after the priority period, you will get a refund after the Thai Airways cancellation fee deduction.
  • When Thai Airways cancels your scheduled flight, the Airline will grant you a full refund for your flight.
  • If you have canceled your Thai flight due to some medical issue or family emergency, submit relevant documents, and the agent might provide you with a refund.
  • When your Airways flight gets delayed for more than 4 hours, you can cancel the flight, and the Airline will provide you with the full compensation as a refund.
  • You must ask the travel agent for a refund if you purchased your Thai Airways flight ticket through a third party.

Procedure to get a full refund for your Thai Airways flight

There are different procedures, with the help of which you can ask a Thai Airways live person to grant you a full refund for your cancellation, as there are online and offline modes to proceed with the procedure. To know this mode's method, focus on the information noted below and head with any of the respective modes.

Online mode

Get a refund from Thai Airways through the website.
The most convenient way to get a refund for your canceled flight is through the Airway's official web page, where you can fill in all the respective information regarding your canceled flight; the human will inform you about the refund and grant you through the original mode of payment, this is the straight forward method, to know more, follow the below steps.

  • Firstly, proceed by visiting the official web page of Thai Airways.
  • Enter your last name and E-ticket number cited on the manage booking page.
  • Your flight information will appear; click on the flight cancellation opinion.
  • Go through all the terms & conditions and tap on the agree to all.
  • The Airways will send you a confirmation email for your flight cancellation.
  • After a few passing days, you will receive a refund for your canceled flight through the original mode of payment.

Offline mode

Connect with Thai Airways customer support through a phone call.

Suppose you fail to understand the process of getting a refund through the Airway's official website. In that case, you can proceed with another mode to get a Thai Airways refund, where you can speak with the live person directly on the call about your concerns. He will grant you a suitable solution to head with this mode and bring your focus to the below space.

  • You can head by dialing the Thai Airways customer support helpline number.
  • Pick the language to get assistance from the live person from the Airways.
  • From the narrated IVR options, press the button to choose the Refund option. 
  • After a short period, the agent will connect with you on the phone line.
  • Provide your flight details to the agent and request to make the cancellation.
  • There, you can speak to the agent regarding your refund.

How do I get a refund for my Thai Airways voucher?

During the process of making the flight reservation for your Thai Airways flight, if you have paid for the flight tickets through the vouchers, then after canceling your scheduled flight, the Airline will provide you with the refund through your original mode of payment as if you have paid through the vouchers then the representative will redeem your points as a refund, to get more informed regarding the Thai Airways voucher refund you can speak to the Airways customer support by calling on the helpline number. The agent will provide you with the necessary details to process the refund.

How long does a Thai Airways refund take?

After canceling your scheduled flight tickets, if you wonder about the time the Airways will take to provide you with the full refund, well, the Thai Airways refund time relies on the mode of your payment as if you have paid for your flight through cash or check. The refund in your account will be credited within 20 days, but if you have paid through your credit card, the amount will be refunded within 7 days from the day you requested a refund.

Can I send an email to Thai Airways to request a refund?

Yes, you can write an email to Thai Airways customer support where you can request the representative to provide you with a refund for your canceled flight and send it to “” after a few passing days. The agent will respond to your email to know the method and bring your focus to the below-noted process.

  • Open any of your preferred email applications.
  • Log in with your email and then enter the above-cited Airways email.
  • Mention the issue in the subject space and continue composing an email.
  • You can provide the details for your canceled flight and request a refund.
  • After a few business days, the agent will grant you a refund.

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