How do I hold my flight on KLM?

If you are preparing to visit any foreign destination via KLM Airlines with your family, but you are unsure of the traveling date since you have an urgent work meeting scheduled in the upcoming days, then you can hold your ticket for a certain time. Now you must be wondering what the meaning of KLM hold flight, how any individual can hold his ticket, and what the points must be considered before holding the fares. All the detailed information is curated and provided in the upcoming section. 

What is the meaning of KLM Hold Flight?

If you are unaware of the meaning and you are digging for the information of KLM hold my fare, then you must know KLM airlines allow customers to reserve their tickets for a certain time duration by paying a small token. They need not purchase a flight ticket by paying the full amount; instead, they pay only the booking price to hold the fare. 

When can you hold your ticket?

Some of the commonest reasons why anybody wishes to hold his reservation are given below:

  • If you are not sure whether the fare of the ticket will rise or fall in the future, you can hold the fares by paying small booking charges.
  • If you’re traveling, dates are not fixed.
  • If you are unsure of the flight option. 

Important policies for holding KLM flight tickets:

If any passenger wishes to hold his flight ticket to his selected destination, then multiple terms and conditions must be utilized by the travelers. A detailed description of such policies is given below; customers must read and follow the guidelines:

  • Customers can hold their ticket for up to 3 days from the flight booking date.
  • The exact holding time depends upon the traveling destination and departing flight.
  • If any passenger, while holding his reservation, selects the option of automatically purchasing a ticket, then your ticket will be automatically purchased after the end of your hold period. 
  • According to the fare hold policy, even if your ticket price rises, you need not pay the new fares; instead, you can purchase a flight ticket using the old price.
  • If any person chooses the option of fare hold and simultaneously makes a payment using a preferred mode of a transaction, then he is entitled to cancel a booking for a fee and also get a refund within the initial 24 hours of reservation. 
  • If you do not make a full payment after the end of the hold period, then your reservation will be canceled. 
  • After the hold period ends, customers must pay full price to purchase a ticket. 

What is the fee for holding a KLM ticket?

The price depends on the traveling destination and when you hold the fare. The approximate amount to be paid is between $15-$20. 

Procedure to hold your flight ticket:

If you wish to hold your KLM flight ticket, you can use either the online or offline approach. The elaborated information on both of the options is provided below. Customers can use any alternative according to their preference and convenience:

Online flight hold method:

To use this approach following steps must be obeyed by the customers sequentially:

  • Start the process by visiting the official KLM airlines website.
  • Select “Book my flight” from the top of the homepage.
  • To discover your flight, you must enter the departure and arrival points.
  • Also, specify the number of travelers, trip type, and departure date.
  • To proceed further, customers login into their existing KLM airlines should account. 
  • Once you find the relevant flight option to your destination, you must fill in all the important information about the passenger.
  • Once you complete filling in the details, you must tap the continue button and be taken to the payment page.
  • Instead of making a full payment, you must press the option of “Hold my fare.”

Offline flight hold method:

There are multiple times when many travelers search for a flight to their destinations on the KLM website, due to which the airline website becomes unresponsive; in that case, customers can use the offline approach to hold the fares. To avail of this medium, they must contact customer services by dialing the official KLM phone number: 800-618-0104. When your call gets responded to by an automated voice, you must press one character from the following IVR menu to get through to the corresponding airline representatives:

  • Press 1: For bookings
  • Press 3: For cancellations/refunds
  • Press 5: To manage your bookings
  • Press 7: To hold your tickets
  • Press #: To request a callback

Your call will be forwarded to the associated KLM representative to whom you must provide your traveling details and request them to hold your tickets. 

Conclusion: After referring to the details provided in the above section, no doubt must remain in the customer's mind regarding the KLM hold ticket, but still, if anything is bothering or any confusion is left about the same, then customers must not hesitate to approach KLM customer service, that is available to help customers. If the call services are unavailable, customers can use the facility of virtual assistance to say goodbye to their doubts. 

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