How Do I Get A Hold Of Hawaiian Airlines?

Are you pondering over holding your flight booking at Hawaiian airlines? You have come to the exact right place. Let us consider the Hawaiian airline's flight hold option to get instant assistance and help with your flight reservations. 

Hold flight reservations by referring to the official website of Hawaiian airlines. You can select the below-mentioned steps in order to proceed with Hawaiian airlines hold fare bookings: 

  • First, passengers must visit the official Hawaiian airline's website. Visit
  • Once you are on the website then select the ‘Flight’ reservation option or the reservations bar on the website. 
  • Next, people must select the flight type from the available options on the page. 
  • Also, select the travel dates from a drop-down list on the page. 
  • Select the arrivals and departure place or airport along with the total number of passengers that are going to accompany you on your flight booking. 
  • Next, select the travel class and hit the submit option on the page. You will find available bookings on the next page. 
  • Select a flight booking from the available options and you will have to proceed to the payment page. 
  • One can spot the Hawaiian airline's hold flight option on the payments page. Select it to hold the fare for your flight reservation. 

Travelers can hold the offered price via the hold flight option on the page. This would allow you a scope to pay for the reservation later. Passengers are able to contact the Hawaiian Airlines customer service department for help if they face any complications or queries while holding your Hawaiian airline's booking. 

How long is the hold for Hawaiian Airlines?

Passengers are able to put Hawaiian airlines on hold online or offline by accessing the hold flight option on the page. You are able to hold a flight on Hawaiian airlines for about 24 hours. 

The airline will hold the fare until the Hawaiian Airlines hold time of 24 hours. You are able to get the same fare for 24 hours after which the quoted fare will no longer be available on the website. Passengers are able to book fares within 24 hours. 

Fare hold terms and conditions: 

Travelers need to refer to the fare hold terms and conditions to get ultimate support with holding your flight fare, which are as follows: 

  • The fare hold option is available for flights that belong to one way or round-trip category. Also, the flights should be booked through
  • The hold flight option is not available if you have bookings of a codeshare flight. The codeshare flights are marketed by other carrier vacation packages, mileage Award bookings, or dollar mile bookings. 
  • People need to pay the fare hold fee per person on flight bookings. 
  • The fare hold fee is a non-refundable fee and is charged one time. The fare hold fee is not applied at the end and is charged at once. 
  • The guaranteed fare is available for a limited time and must be booked within the specified time to get the discounted and guaranteed fare. 
  • The hold fare gets terminated at once at 11:59 Hawaiian time if not booked within the specified time. 
  • Fare hold reservations are not eligible for changes. One can change the flight booking by canceling the hold fare first and then canceling the entire flight booking at Hawaiian airlines.

Regarding farehold visit:

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