How Do I Contact EVA Air Taiwan?

Several passengers prefer to travel via EVA Air to reach their destinations. Sometimes, travelers wish to board International flights from Taiwan Airport. They do not have adequate information regarding their scheduled flight and wish to gather satisfactory information before reaching the airport. In that case, it is wise to communicate with EVA Air Taiwan customer services and get all the required flight information. Customers can use the Eva Air phone number Taiwan airport 24 hours and get a hold of a live representative to discuss their travel confusion. In the next section, you can collect the essential contact information to communicate and curate relevant travel details. 

Important contact information to get through EVA Air at Taiwan International Airport:

Customers who wish to get hold of Taiwan customer services can use the important contact information provided below and continue:

EVA Air official website:

Taiwan Airport website:

Airport code: TPE

Customer service phone number: +886 3 398 3274

Customer service hours: 24 hours

Lost and found phone number: 03-398-2538

Baggage phone number: +886-3-3517637

The phone number for Lounge bookings and informations: +886-3-3516805

EVA Air Taiwan office address: 117, Sec 2, 

Chang An E. Rd., 

Taipei 104 Taiwan

Which terminal is EVA Air at Taiwan airport?

EVA Air uses Terminal 2 at Taiwan Airport. Passengers whose flights are scheduled from this airport must arrive on time to avoid any last-minute hassle. Also, they must note that though most EVA Air flights operate from this terminal, some unavoidable circumstances lead to a terminal change at the last moment. Therefore, it is best to contact customer service and gather information regarding the EVA Air terminal at Taiwan airport before leaving. 

Different mediums to contact EVA Air at Taiwan Airport:

Call EVA Air at Taiwan Airport and receive assistance to your travel problem: 

The best way to receive personalized information regarding your flights or get an idea to eliminate your travel concerns is to call customer care services. You are required to call the airlines during working hours by dialing the official Eva air phone number Taiwan Airport: +886-2-2501-1999; now you must follow the instructions given by an automated voice after selecting a language, and finally, when a call is forwarded to a live representative, you can discuss your travel problems and the representative will generate the finest solutions.  

Send an email to customer services:

Customers with any travel concern requiring personalized attention can register it formally by framing and sending an email. They must not forget to attach the supporting travel documents and copies of all essential identity proofs and drop them off at It might take 24 hours to get emails acknowledged. 

Post letter to EVA Air:

Customers who have encountered trouble during their journey via EVA Air from Taiwan Airport can register their travel problem by sending a letter. They can frame clear letters giving all contact and ticket information and providing copies of travel documents and post them to the office address:

Taiwan Taoyuan Dist. International Airport Office, 

Dayuan Dist., 

Taoyuan City 337041, 


What travel concerns can be eliminated by contacting EVA Air at Taiwan Airport?

Customers can contact Taiwan Airport by using the EVA Air Customer Service number to collect information or to share problems related to the following queries or concerns:

  • To track flight status.
  • To know about the operating terminal.
  • To track luggage status.
  • For flight cancellations.
  • For refunds.
  • For flight rescheduling.
  • To know flight availability and make reservations, etc. 

What services are offered by EVA Air at Taiwan Airport?

Travelers who have selected to board EVA Air flights to their travel destinations and wish to travel via Taiwan Airport can make use of the following important services and amenities:

  • Free WIFI-facilities.
  • Important belongings can be kept in the airport lockers hourly by paying a nominal fee.
  • They can enjoy having food in a vast dining area.
  • Currency-exchange counters can be visited to change their currency.
  • Travelers can use parking areas to park their vehicles.
  • A cell phone lot is available.
  • Special assistance facility to needy passengers.
  • Lounges and Business centers are available. 

Can customers approach EVA Air Taiwan customer services 24/7?

Yes, many ticket holders come across travel issues at odd hours and are confused about whether they can contact customer service during that time. They must note that yes, they can call using the EVA Air customer Service 24-hour Taiwan number and better understand the solution to eliminate their concerns. 

How early must travelers reach Taiwan Airport for EVA Air flights?

It is always better to reach the airport early to avoid any last-minute trouble. If you have an EVA Air flight scheduled from Taiwan airport, then for domestic flights, you are suggested to be present at the airport at least 2.5 hours before departure, whereas, for international flights, approximately 4 hours margin must be kept by the travelers. Sometimes, it might take longer in the security and bag check-in process than usual; therefore, customers must not reach the airport at the last moment. 



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