How do I contact British Airways for special assistance?

If you are planning to travel with British Airways and since you are traveling with your granny who is wheelchair bound, that is why you have to take a wheelchair with you. But if you are unsure about the airline policies for special assistance and want to know about British Airways wheelchair assistance, then you can choose whether to take a wheelchair or take the airline support. So keep reading the information below to learn about the policies and process.

Can I take a wheelchair on British Airways?

  • You can take your wheelchair while on the in-flight journey, or you can take the wheelchair from the airline when you check-in or use it until you reach the departure gate, depending on the airport you are flying from.
  • If you are taking your wheelchair or want assistance from the airline, you need to contact the support team at least 48 hours before departure so the airline can make arrangements for you.
  • The British Airways wheelchair assistance cost doesn't apply to special needs assistance; you can obtain it for free.
  • Passengers traveling with a wheelchair will have plenty of time to board the flight ahead of other passengers, so you must arrive at the airport early.
  • The airline can store one collapsible manual wheelchair in the cabin, which will depend on the available space. The service is provided based on First Come and first served basis. You need to connect with the boarding staff for more information.
  • There are wheelchairs on the aircraft, so when you are traveling, you should be able to lift yourself and lift into a wheelchair or bring a safety assistant who can help you on board.
  • Passengers traveling with their wheelchairs will need to put a name tag on their wheelchairs while checking in their luggage.
  • During the in-flight journey, the flight cabin crew will not help you to shift from your wheelchair to your aisle seat or vice versa. So if you don't have enough upper body strength to move from the aisle seat to the wheelchair, you will need to travel with your travel agent.
  • The onboard wheelchair service is not offered by third-party airlines operating on British Airways' behalf. You can find which airlines are operating your booked flight through the manage booking tab, and if you want to move your flight to British Airways, you can do it for free.

What are the dimensions of wheelchairs accepted by British Airways?

The airline had given the following maximum dimensions for wheelchairs and mobility aids that must be followed by the passengers who need British Airways' special assistance.

  • If you are flying to or from UK and Europe (except London City), then the wheelchair dimension should be not more than 140cm × 85cm× 106cm ( Length× Width × Height)
  • For passengers who are traveling from London City (dimensions for upright position) then, the measurements they should follow are 74cm × 94cm× 73cm ( Length× Width × Height)
  • Travelers who are traveling from other cities should follow 140cm × 85cm× 152cm ( Length× Width × Height)
  • Your wheelchair or mobility aids must fit under the given dimensions to be accepted by the airline.
  • If the wheelchair dimensions exceed the given dimensions due to the headrest, then the headrest can be removed and taken separately in the cabin, and you can take their wheelchair with you.

How can you arrange special assistance for yourself with British Airways?

Once you have completed the flight booking process, you can visit the official website's Manage Booking tab on the screen to select the type of special assistance you require from the three given levels of assistance. If you are traveling with your own wheelchair, then you can inform about it through the Manage booking tab. The airline suggests that whether you are an independent flyer or traveling with your family, it is recommended to choose the appropriate level of assistance-

  • Level 1- if you want British Airways assistance for the elderly, then in this level, you will get aid to and from the aircraft and get around the airport with the help of either by electric buggy or an airport wheelchair.
  • Level 2- in this level, you will get assistance to and from the airplane and get around the airport for all or part of your journey. This can be done with an electric buggy or wheelchair. Also, you will get assistance to the aircraft door and in the ascending descend stairs if you have parked further from the terminal.
  • Level-3 - if you had chosen this level, you would get full assistance to or from the aircraft. You will get assistance in transferring to your wheelchair from the aisle seat and in-cabin movements.

Through call-

You can also call the special assistance number Monday - Saturday: 08:00-18:00 and ask the agent to arrange special assistance for you.

  • Start by dialing 0800 408 1100 on your phone to speak with the agent.
  • Press 3 to acquire special assistance.
  • After hitting the related key, wait till you get connected.

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