How Do I Check-in for an Air China Flight?

When it comes to the comfort of the passengers, Air China never leaves a chance to leave good marks on the passengers. Many passengers have the problem that just to stand in long queues they have to leave their place early. Now they do not have to worry as now they can check in by using their digital devices and can reach late at the Airport. But there are some conditions and policies that they have to follow if they want to do the check-in properly. And to learn those, read the provided information. 

Mention the check-in policies of Air China

If you want to do the Air China check-in, then there are some policies that you have to keep in mind. Only then you will be able to check in properly, and it will save them from getting into any trouble. 

  • If the passengers are flying internationally, then they are required to reach at least 3 hours before the departure, and if you are a domestic flight flyer, then you must reach 2 hours before the departure.
  • Travelers are suggested to carry their full Covid-19 PCR tests along with all the necessary documents required at the time of entry. 
  • Passengers who are traveling with any special requirements are required to reach the Airport on time so that they can avoid any last-time mishappenings. 
  • If you are doing an online check-in, then you are allowed to check in 24 hours before the departure and for the Airport check-in reach by considering some extra margin of time. 
  • Passengers who have booked a special assistant or carrying their pet with them couldn't take advantage of online check-in. They have to go to the Airport for that. 

Explain the procedure to check in with Air China

If you want to check in with Air China, then there are four processes. That you can choose the one that suits you and get your boarding passes easily. And to read the instructions mentioned below.

The web check-in process of Air China

There is a simple web check-in process available for Air China that you can learn and get your boarding pass to learn that process. You can read the steps mentioned below. 

  • By your preferred browser, Navigate towards the Air China official website
  • Now you need to log in to the webpage by entering your Email id and password. 
  • After that, on the upper page, you will find the 'Booking Management' option. 
  • Click on that and fill in your PNR number and your last name. 
  • You will get a preview of all your bookings and select the one that you want to check-in. 
  • Now you will get the details of your ticket, and if the check-in process starts, then you will get the option of check-in. 
  • Select that option and follow the rest of the process, as you can select a seat of your preference, or you can add extra baggage to your travel if you want. 
  • If you have selected the seat of your desire or you have added the extra baggage, then you should clear the rest of your payment.
  • Once you complete the process, you will get the boarding in your Email or a link in your text message. 

The mobile check-in process of Air China 

There is a mobile check-in option, as you can check in just by using the device you carry with you always. There is a simple procedure that you can learn, and for that, read the steps below. 

  • Go to the play store and download the Air China mobile app. 
  • After downloading, open the app and log in by entering your Email id and password. 
  • Now you will be able to access your Air China account and find the manage booking option. 
  • Then click on it and fill up the booking reference number and the last name of the passenger. 
  • If the check-in option is available, then you can see that option on which you need to click. 
  • You can also add some extra baggage or seat of your preference if you want and pay the required money for that. 
  •  You will be able to download the boarding pass that you should save on your phone, or you can take a print of that. 

The Airport desk check-in process of Air China

Passengers can take the help of Airport authorities at check-in. For that, they can reach the desk available at the Airport and then ask the agent if they want to help with check-in and provide all the necessary details to them. After that, you can ask them if you want to choose the seat of your preference, or you can add extra baggage, and they will print a boarding pass for you after the formalities. 

How far in advance can you check in online with Air China?

If you are thinking of Air China Check-in time, if you are check-in in online, then you are allowed to check in 24 hours before the departure, and Airport passengers must reach the Airport three hours before the departure. 

How much luggage is allowed in Air China?

There is a limit of baggage that a passenger must follow because if they exceed the limit of baggage, then they have to pay extra money for that. So, here we have mentioned the baggage policies that you can read. 

Air China carry-on baggage allowance

Passengers are allowed to carry two personal bags that they will call carry-on baggage, and the size should be 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm, and the weight should not exceed 8kg. 

Air China check-in baggage allowance

Passengers who are flying with a paid seat are allowed to carry check-in baggage with them, and the Air China check-in Baggage size is 100 cm x 60 cm x 30 cm maximum, and the weight should not cross the limit of 40 kg.

Air China extra baggage cost

Travelers who want to add extra baggage to their trip can add that easily, whether at the time of booking or they can do it at the time of check-in. And the cost will be 1.5% of adult Economy fare per extra kg of baggage, so if you want to add extra baggage, then you should think twice and then add the baggage as it can cost you a little bit higher.

Here is all the information that you need for check-in. Also, keep in mind all the policies of check-in as well as baggage as it will help you to save your time as well as your money. For any other information, you can visit the official webpage of Air China. 

Official website:

Regarding online check-in visit:

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