How Do I Change the Name on My ANA Flight Ticket?

Passengers who have made a mistake with the spelling of their name have the option to correct it. You can only modify the name and not completely change your name on the flight ticket. If you want to know about ANA name change, you can continue reading this article, as it contains all the information you need about ANA's name change policy and ANA Airlines's name change policy.

Conditions for name correction of ANA:

You can easily make the changes if you have done a spelling error in your name while booking your flight ticket. But it is essential to know the terms and conditions to know whether or not you can modify your name. Here is the condition where ANA allows you to make changes to your name:

  • If you have misspelled your name.
  • If there is a mistake with the initial or gender.
  • Changes in the family name.
  • To add or delete middle names.
  • Changes in the surname occur mostly after marriage or divorce.

The name change policy of ANA:

Before changing your flight ticket, knowing about the ANA name change policy is best to avoid any uncertain situations. You can go through the procedure below if you have made a mistake in your name while booking a reservation on the ANA flight.

  • You can only change a few letters or characters in your name and not your entire name on the flight ticket.
  • You can change up to 3 letters/characters for free, which does not require any charges.
  • But if you are making more than three characters, you might have to make extra changes to continue changes.
  • When managing your flight ticket, you can only make the name change in your tickets and not any other changes.
  • The name change must be done seven days before the scheduled flight departure.
  • Use the contact number to make the changes if you cannot make the changes online.

The process to make changes to your name

The online mode:

You can use the online mode, which is simple and easy to use. You can use the points below to learn how to correct the ANA name. The steps do not contain complicated steps, which is why most people use them.

  • Head to the ANA official page on your pc or your phone.
  • The main page contains various options, and you must click on the "My Manage" booking option.
  • Now, you will need two things:
  • Passenger surname
  • Flight booking number
  • On the following page, click on the flight and click on the manage option.
  • Make the changes to your name and then make the payment if needed.
  • Once the change process is successful, you will receive the confirmation to your registered email address.

Customer support:

You can get the help of the service team if you feel uncomfortable using the online process. The passenger who is not sure about where to get the official contact number can use the steps that are given below.

  • Step one is to visit the official webpage of ANA.
  • Look for the contact option and click on it.
  • When you find the contact number for your region, dial the number and follow the voice instructions.
  • Once you connect with the agent, give the required details and request a name change.
  • Make the payment after the process if required for the name change.
  • Once the name change process ends, you will get a confirmation email regarding correcting your name on the tickets.

On the ANA contact page, you can also get the ANA name change request form if you have made a tiny error in your first name while booking your flight tickets. You can use the form to modify the name before your flight departure.

What is the fee for an ANA name change?

There isn't any name change fee for the first-time name correction. But ANA Airlines has a name change fee if the changes extend to a certain character. Make sure to read the policy of the name change policy to know the terms and conditions to modify your name.

Final words:

You can use the ANA Airlines name change procedure to modify your name on the ANA flight tickets. The policy of name change is also given; if you have certain queries, you can visit the help page of the airline and go through FAQs.

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