How Do I Change My Passenger Name on Eurowings?

Eurowings is a famous German airline allowing passengers to modify their bookings, including changing their names. If you have made any mistake while booking your ticket, or if your name has legally changed, you can effortlessly change your passenger name on Eurowings. Here's a guide on how to do Eurowings name change and other related information.

Eurowings Name Change Process

Visit the Eurowings website and click on the "My bookings" alternative.

Enter your ultimate name and booking code to get the right of entry to your booking.

  • Select the passenger name you need to change.
  • Click on the "Change name" alternative and enter the proper name.
  • Review and verify the modifications.
  • Pay the applicable rate, if any.
  • Once the fee is processed, you may obtain an affirmation electronic mail with the updated passenger name.

Eurowings Name Change Fee

Eurowings charge a Eurowings name change fee for changing the passenger name on a price ticket. The rate varies depending on the fare kind and the vacation place. It is essential to check that the name change fee is similar to any fare distinction that may apply. The rate is non-refundable and should be paid at the time of the name alternate request.

Eurowings Name Change Policy:

Eurowings let passengers change the passenger name on their ticket, a problem in favorable situations. The name trade policy varies depending on the fare type and the vacation spot. Here are some key points on Eurowings name change policy to keep in mind:

  • Name changes aren't allowed for all fare kinds. Passengers must test their fare policies before creating a name exchange request.
  • Name changes are allowed only for the complete itinerary and no longer for man or woman flight segments.
  • Name changes are allowed only for the original passenger and not for a new passenger.
  • Name changes are allowed only for the identical course and on the equal journey dates as the unique reserving.
  • Name corrections can be made within 24 hours after your flight booking reservation.
  • The charge varies depending on the kind of fare and the vacation spot, so passengers ought to contact Eurowings immediately to verify the price.
  • Name changes are only allowed for the identical passenger on the same flight and can't be transferred to another character.
  • It's vital to note that no longer all fares are eligible for a name change. 

It's also worth noting that name change may not be possible for some bookings, along with organization bookings; in these instances, passengers must contact a third-party travel site to request a refund or cancellation.

Eurowings Name Correction

If you have made a minor error on your name,  including a spelling mistake, you could request a Eurowings name correction instead of a name change. A name correction is free of price and may be done through the same process as a name trade. However, name corrections are issued for approval through Eurowings and are allowed best for minor errors.


In the end, if you want Eurowings change name on ticket for your Eurowings ticket, it is the best system to be carried out online thru the "My bookings" choice on the Eurowings website. However, it is critical to consider the name change policy and the applicable expenses. If you have any queries or worries, you can contact Eurowings customer support for help.

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