How Do I Change My Name on LATAM Airlines?

LATAM Airlines is a Chilean air carrier and one of Latin America's largest airlines. It serves the flight service in 25 different countries. The correct name is essential for all travelers before departure because it helps security personnel identify particular travelers with their original identity. So, there is an option available for LATAM Airlines name change for all travelers who want to correct their name.

Also, passengers can change their name only once if they have any error in their name. Correct names with or without omission; there may be a requirement for some legal documents.

LATAM Airlines name change policy:

Before correcting travelers' names, they should know its policies in detail to avoid flight service problems. Also, travelers can focus on LATAM Airlines name change policy if they want any further correction in their name. They can stick with the exact rules while changing names on air tickets.

  • Passengers can request a single time if they want any name modification in LATAM Airlines.
  • Name change or correction is only valid if travelers use unused or partially used air tickets.
  • After approving the name change request, keep the booking reference number and ticket details.
  • Once the name change is completed, tickets will be reissued to the original service class or higher, depending on the seat availability.
  • LATAM name change applies only with a specific cost and cannot be waived with any voucher or promo code. The fair difference or name change fees will be applied to travelers' new tickets.
  • Legal documents are compulsory in case of omission or legal middle or last name change.
  • Also, passengers can easily change the three letters of their name for free only if they have 24 hours of booking or at least seven days of departure.
  • Moreover, a name change cannot be applicable if they have booked air tickets from third parties.
  • For voluntary name changes in LATAM Airlines, change fees, and some fare differences will be applicable.
  • But, in case of involuntary name change where any travelers will not continue their air journey but transfer their ownership may go with only fare differences.

How much will it charge to change the name of LATAM Airlines?

To change a name or make an omission from the original name include some charges. The charges may vary depending on the air ticket type and destination. But passengers using LATAM Airlines name correction are liable to pay some amount, including approximately $25 to $75 plus fare differences. After making the payment, their names will be updated soon.

What are the various processes for LATAM name change?

Usually, the LATAM name change can be done online or offline, depending on the process they choose.

Use an online process for LATAM Airlines to change their name:

Passengers can choose the option of an online process for a name change. They should have internet access and need expert guidance to use an online method. Travelers can get a successful LATAM change name on a ticket if they adhere to specific procedures.

  • Travelers can go to the standard website and log in to their registered accounts via email with passwords.
  • Click on my trip option to fill in all necessary details, including the reservation code and last name.
  • Travelers can go to the menu section and click the modify name change option.
  • Attach some legal documents, such as a marriage certificate, court order, and divorce decree, which can be helpful for the required LATAM name change.
  • Pay the amounts, including change fees and fare differences, as per the instructions on the website.
  • It will update the new name which travelers requested on LATAM Airlines.
  • Also, confirmation for successful changes in travelers' names will be provided on their official email id.

Use Phone for name change:

Travelers can also use the phones for name changes in LATAM Airlines. They can call the customer service number at +1(866) 435-9526 and follow the steps for successful changes in the passenger's name.

  • Travelers can call customer service.
  • They can wait on call for an executive's presence.
  • Passengers can ask for name change assistance from representatives on the Phone only.
  • The professional executives will suggest the best outcomes regarding travelers' LATAM name change.

However, the operators of LATAM Airlines are always available for travelers' help related to flight service. But, the suggested time to contact them is early hours because they can quickly get executives over the Phone.

How can travelers ask for a name change at the Airport?

Another offline option is available for name change in LATAM Airlines. It is possible only if they have to go to the Airport and ask for subsequent changes in name from the support executive. The help desk representatives sitting at the Airport can help passengers with such problems.

Typically, a name change can only be possible before 24 hours of departure. So, travelers are requested to visit the nearest Airport within 24 hours to get a successful LATAM name change.

Thus, LATAM Airlines provides a name change option with minor corrections. But, to avail of this facility, travelers must pay some charges, which may include some fare differences.

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