How Do I Change My Name on China Airlines?

Air China offers services to over 100 domestic and international destinations worldwide. You can book the ticket online. To board the flight, it is necessary that the name on the ticket should be the same as on the passport. Otherwise, the airline will not provide you with the boarding pass, and you wouldn't be able to enter the flight; travelers who find that due to a typo error, their name on the ticket mismatches with the passport. Air China name change to reach your desired destination. Read the information shared below before modifying the ticket details.

Air China name change terms and conditions.

If you need to edit your ticket details, passengers must follow these guidelines:

  • Air China permits you to edit the name. According to the name change policy, passengers can modify up to 4 letters in the first name and 2 letters in the last name.
  • The airline doesn't permit name changes. You can't change the name and transfer your ticket to another passenger.
  • The name on the ticket should be similar to the passport. Therefore misspelled names can be rectified.
  • In case you need to change the name on the ticket. Passengers have to cancel their flights. After that, they can rebook their flight.
  • As per the 24-hour policy, flyers can adjust the details without paying any fees within 24 hours of buying the tickets when the scheduled flight departs for 7 or more days.
  • The change fee may vary due to the destinations, date, and fare. It can cost you around $ 100 to $ 350.

Travelers can check their fare conditions on the confirmation ticket. If you are having trouble with the Air China name change policy, dial the contact number for guidance.

What is the Air China cost to edit the ticket name?

You must bear the Air China name correction cost after 24 hours. Check the change fee:

  • The airline charges between $ 100 to $ 350 for overseas flights. The price depends on the fare you booked to visit your desired destination.
  • For domestic tickets, you have to pay around $ 50 and up to $ 200 as a change fee.

You can avoid paying unnecessary expenses if the modification is done within a day of reservation. It is suggested to check the details after buying the tickets.

How can I change the Air China name on the ticket?

The airline allows passengers to modify the details:

  • Online
  • Customer support
  • At the airport

What are the steps to edit the Air China booking name?

Flyers can make the changes online without the support of airline agents. The service is accessible around the clock. Check the instructions for the Air China name change shared below:

  • Visit the official website.
  • Select "Check my booking."
  • Enter the confirmation number or last name.
  • Click on the Retrieve button.
  • Choose the change flight option.
  • Edit the details and make the payment.

Check the details after you have edited the details. Suppose flyers have encountered some issues; they can speak with live representatives.

Can I speak with an Air China human representative?

Talking with custom executives is the most approachable mode to connect with the airline and resolve your concerns. They offered guaranteed resolutions after including your scenario that can immediately help you to disappear your concerns. You only need to pick up the phone and dial the Air China phone number 1 (800) 882-8122. The helpline is approachable 24 hours to guide you. But you have to choose the language and follow the IVR instructions so you can talk with the airline agents.

At the airport: passengers can connect with a live representative. The airline offers customer service. You need to visit the terminal mentioned on your air ticket. Share the details and required documents. An agent will help you to guide the name change process.

What happens when the name and surname have interchanged on your flight ticket?

There is no need to worry if the first and last names are interchanged. The passport clearly shows the surname and name so the order can be changed in the flight ticket. But make sure that there should be no spelling mistakes.

Can I board the Air China flight if my passport name doesn't match the boarding pass?

Air China verifies the identity before granting permission to enter the plane by checking the passport and travel documents for security reasons. When the name on the ticket doesn't match, the passport may cause you trouble and delay the flight. Reservation details are used for boarding passes. So ensure to fill out the right information when purchasing the tickets.

Can you use a shortened name on a boarding pass?

No, Air China doesn't allow the shortened name on the boarding pass. If the middle name is included in the passport should be mentioned on the boarding pass.

Can you fly under someone else's name?

Not at all. A person can travel whose name ticket is issued. You can transfer the ticket after cancelation the ticket and rebook the fight using the same amount. You may have to pay the fare difference if required.

You are recommended to dial the Air China number if you need clarification linked to the Air China name change for assistance. Visit the website.

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