How Do I Change My Name in FlyDubai?

During the process of making the flight reservation with FlyDubai, if you have mentioned your name incorrectly by mistake, have forgotten to add the surname or the middle name, or have any other issue with the name mentioned on the flight ticket. For that, you can head with the FlyDubai name change process, where the Airline provides you with an option where you are allowed to make certain changes in your name, which is situated on your flight ticket as per your requirement.

Different methods lead you through the name change procedures, as you can call the customer support of the Airline and ask to change the name, or else you can get it done by yourself through the website of the Airline.

Fludubai name change policy

Before you proceed with the name change procedure, ensure you are updated with the FlyDubai name change policy mentioned in the below points, understand the rules and regulations of the Airline, and update yourself from the information below.

  • You can not change your name completely on a FlyDubai flight ticket.
  • The Airline allows you to modify up to 3 characters in your full name.
  • During the booking process, if you have forgotten to mention your middle name, you can add it free of charge.
  • FlyDubai does not even charge passengers with the name change fee for changing the Initials of your name.
  • If you are changing your name because of your marriage status, then the Airline might not change your penalty, but you have to grant the Airline a legal document.
  • If you are unwilling to pay the name change fee, ensure that you change the name within 24 hours of your flight booking time.
  • The Airline does not allow you to change the name of your flight ticket on the same day of departure.
  • If you have changed your name after the risk-free window, you must pay the FlyDubai name change fee to the Airline.
  • Please make sure the changes in your name should be so that it should match your government documents.

Methods to change your name on FlyDubai flight ticket.

There are two different procedures through which you can change your name. To know the method and its procedures, get the idea from the information below, go through it, and choose your procedure to head with the mode.

  • Call customer support.
  • Get it done through the website.

Get the changes done by calling FlyDubai customer support

You can directly ask the live human of the Airline to change the name on your flight ticket by calling their customer support helpline number, and the Agent from the Airline will help you with the service and will make the changes in your name as you requested, you can step ahead with the procedure, by following up with the below steps.

  • Dial the FlyDubai customer support helpline number on your keypad and make a call.
  • Choose the language of your choice to get assistance.
  • You can press the button for your relevant option from the narrated IVR options. 
  • Within a short period, your call will connect with the Airline's live human.
  • Provide him with the information regarding the modifications you want to make in your name located on the ticket.
  • The Agent will make the requested change, and then you will head to the payment page to pay the name change fee if asked.
  • After that, you will get a confirmation message on your associated email.

Make changes in your name through the FlyDubai website.

Suppose you cannot correct the FlyDubai name in your flight ticket through a phone call. In that case, you can head with the online mode, where you can make it through the website of the Airline, where you can make the required changes on your own. This is the self-service method; you can follow up with the steps below and proceed with the process.

  • Visit the official website of FlyDubai from any browser.
  • Head to the manage booking page and mention your last name and e-ticket number.
  • Please search for the name change option from the located bar.
  • Make certain changes in your name as per the requirement.
  • Submit your government documents if asked for any.
  • Make the payment for the name change, as shown on the screen.
  • The representative will make the respective changes to your name.
  • After that, you can download your new upgraded flight ticket from the page.

How much does FlyDubai charge for a name change?

After going through the FlyDubai name change policy, you must be updated with the terms and conditions of the Airline regarding the name change process, as there are certain ways where the Airline allows you to change your name free of cost; other than that, you have to pay the name change fee, as FlyDubai name change fee is around $100 to $200 approximately if you have made the changes through the website then the payment should be made online. If you have done it via phone, the Agent provides you with the payment link to pay your name change fee.

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