How do I change my flight date on Air China?

Air China is a well-renowned airline that operates flight services at international and domestic destinations worldwide. The airline is a flag carrier of China, offering the passengers the safest services. People who have made a flight reservation with Air China and want to change the flight date due to the air traffic restrictions put by the government; then they can change the ticket online or by asking the official agent directly. The air china change flight process is as simple as the flight booking process. Read the full blog and get the full information. 

Mention the online change flight procedure with Air China

People who want to reschedule or change their flight date can easily make it from the airport, by online web, or through the phone number. The process of the flight date change is mentioned here below:

  • The primary step is to jump onto the official homepage of Air China. 
  • After that, move to the “Manage my Booking” section. 
  • Now mention the booking reference number and last name of the passenger. 
  • Flight ticket details of your existing reservation will appear on-screen. 
  • Choose the flight ticket to make a change in the date. 
  • Follow the on-screen steps and select the new flight date for travel. 
  • Before making the payment for changing the date, recheck all the details and proceed with paying. 
  • You will receive the confirmation message for the modified flight ticket in your email address. 

Another way of changing the flight date 

Through the airport: People can also use the traditional way of changing the flight date, i.e., directly from the airport. You will be required to visit the help desk counter at the airport. Then talk with the staff about the flight date change process. To fill out the form, the agent will ask you for the required details, such as name, flight number, booking reference code, age, departure city, departure city code, etc. Once the process is completed, a confirmation message will be sent to your email. The customer support agents are highly dedicated and motivated to help the passengers. 

Through Phone number: The other way to change the flight date is by using the number. While connecting over a call, you can easily have a one-on-one discussion with the agent. Make a call at the Toll-Free number +1 (800) 882-8122, and then the call will be on hold for a short while, and the agent will respond to you. The passenger will be required to give all the necessary details to the agent and then get it done. The other queries that can be resolved over a call are booking, cancellation rescheduling, refund, baggage-related issues, and many more. The agent will provide all the reliable solutions. 

Note: Passengers must try topo make a call during the non-busy hours of the day so that the agent will respond quickly.

What are the flight change rules, regulations, and policies of Air China? 

Customers might be interested to know about the air china flight change policy. The major points related to the policy are mentioned here below:

  • If the passenger has changed the flight ticket date within 24 hours of making the reservation, then the airline will charge no change fee as it is within the 24-hour risk-free period. But for that, the flight departure must be after at least seven days or more. 
  • The passenger who proceeds to change the ticket date after 24 hours of booking will be required to pay the change fee. The fee charged by the airlines will be as per the ticket type. 
  • Suppose the flight date change is due to a medical emergency (such as illness, surgery, or injury). Then the airlines will charge no fee to the passenger. But for that, it will be required to submit the medical documents at the airport. 
  • The airlines will fully compensate the passenger if the flight change is due to technical reasons. 
  • When the flight is delayed by 3 hours, the passenger can change or cancel the ticket. No extra fees will be charged by the airlines from the passenger. 
  • If there is excessive boarding on the flight, you cannot travel due to restrictions. Then, airlines will provide you with an alternative flight, and no extra change fee will be charged. 

Give details related to the flight change fee of Air China. 

People who wish to change the flight date might also be curious about the air china change flight fee. The details related to the flight date change fee are mentioned here below:

  • If you have made a flight reservation with the international routes, then airlines will charge USD 100 to 350 from the passenger. 
  • Suppose the flight date change is for domestic destinations; then the passenger will be required to pay USD 50 to 200 as the change fee.
  • The change fee price will vary according to the ticket type, destinations, and routes. 
  • If the traveler makes the flight changes within 24 hours, then the airlines will not charge any fee. 

The Final Words 

The above information will help you to get the details about the flight date change. If you need additional details, visit the airport and talk with the representative directly. 

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