How Do I Call United Airlines from Japan?

United Airlines has provided the best services and facilities to ensure everyone has a great flight experience. If you are in Japan and looking for ways to collect information about the flight or other procedures you might have to go through during the boarding process, Once you are connected to the United Airlines Japanese customer service, no matter your concerns, they will be resolved instantly. Airlines have multiple mediums through which you can connect with them, but the quickest remains the phone call. Let us discuss and enlighten you more about the phone call procedure by also putting light on other methods.

How do you call United Airlines executives from Japan?

When getting help from United Airlines' customer service, the contact medium that tops the list for being the quickest and most convenient is the phone call process. You can directly share your concerns, and the executives will immediately resolve your issues. The following procedure will help you talk to someone on call: 

  • First, dial (81)-3-6732-5011, the United Airlines Japanese phone number, and follow the IVR menu.
  • Then, you must pick the language you prefer at the help center by pressing 1.
  • You can press 2 if you want to make the reservations with United Airlines or have related queries.
  • Press 3 if you need to modify the flight ticket, such as name/flight change.
  • Press 4 will help you with the cancellations and getting a refund from the Airline.
  • If you need to speak to someone on call from United customer support, then make sure you press 5.

What are United Airlines' customer service hours from Japan?

The help center of United Airlines from Japan is unavailable 24 hours daily to help you, so it becomes even more crucial to know their availability hours. The customer service of the Airline is there to resolve all your queries from Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and when it is Saturday, Sunday, and holidays, you can call them from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Get the details and call the airline accordingly. The representatives will quickly be available no matter what queries or problems you are going through and resolve them instantly. 

Where is the United Airlines Japan Office?

If you cannot contact the airline using the mentioned methods, then you have the option to visit them as well. The United Airlines Japan office is located at the Narita International Airport in Tokyo, and we have mentioned some details of the Airport to enlighten you about the same. You need to get to the helpdesk and inform the executives about all the problems you are going through so they can help you accordingly:

  • Airport Address - 1-1 Furugome, Narita, Chiba 282-0004, Japan
  • Code - NRT, RJAA

Can I call customer support at the United Airlines Japan Office?

You can call United Airlines's customer support at the Narita International Airport. You have to dial +81 476 34 8000, the United Airlines Japan office contact number and you will instantly be able to talk to someone at the help center. You can enquire about the flight-related queries and issues related to the boarding procedure. 

How can I ignore the hold time on United Airlines calls?

If you are having any issues connecting to the airline's customer service, there are some tips and tricks that can be used to connect with the airline faster without any inconvenience. We have mentioned such tips below:

  • Early morning hours: Calling the executives during the early morning hours will be the best time to call as the Airline has the most minor traffic to entertain, so they will be quick to provide solutions.
  • Off-season: When the Airline receives the most minor bookings, they eventually get the lowest number of calls to answer. However, entertain you with valuable solutions and help.
  • Local Number: Use the local number to contact United Airlines' Japan customer service. You will instantly be connected to customer service as the international number comparatively takes more time to connect.
  • Weekday Calls: Weekends remain the busiest with the Airline with many bookings and calls. Call the customer executives during the weekdays as the Airline can quickly help.
  • Loyalty Program: If you are a vital member of the Loyalty Program of the Airline, then your call will be prioritized, and the customer executives will first answer your call and resolve the issues you are facing about the flight journey

Conclusion: All the details from the United Airlines contact details to the United Airlines Japan office have been discussed so you can quickly contact the Airline whenever required. 

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