How do I book special assistance with EasyJet?

If you or your family member needs special assistance, you can always let EasyJet know in advance. You can also book special assistance when booking your ticket or even after that. But make sure to inform the airline at least 48 hours before departure. If you wish to book EasyJet special assistance, here are the various options you can use. 

Book special assistance online 

Booking special assistance online is the most convenient way. You can first access your booking details and then add the special request. You can follow the steps below if you have no idea how to proceed.

  • Go to the official website of EasyJet and locate the manage booking section
  • To access booking details, you can log in to your account using your surname and booking reference
  • Now select the booking you need to add special assistance 
  • Go to the edit reservation section and then add the requirement
  • You can follow the instruction and complete the booking for special assistance 

By calling the special assistance team 

You can also call the EasyJet special assistance telephone number to book special assistance anytime. Besides, if you are unclear about the procedure, follow the listed steps.

  • Dial the EasyJet special assistance team phone number, available on the website 
  • You can follow the IVR and select option 9 to connect the agent
  • Once the live agent is available, you can share the request for special assistance 

Via Email 

EasyJet also provides dedicated email support for its passengers who need special assistance. You can use a special assistance email id of EasyJet and share your request anytime. When you compose the email, mention ‘Special assistance request’ on the subject and then share it. The EasyJet team then reviews your request and gets back to you with a prompt reply.

How do you book assistance at the airport? 

You can book mobility assistance or any other special assistance at the airport when making a reservation or after. However, it is always best to book it earlier because the airline has enough time to arrange it for you. However, to book it later, you can meet the EasyJet airport assistance team available at the airport. You can let them know your special needs so they can arrange everything accordingly. 

However, you can also call the airport special assistance team at least 48 hours before departure to request special assistance. Once you inform the airport, the EasyJet team ensures you get special assistance without hassle. You can also directly call the EasyJet special assistance team, and they can convey your message to the airport when you arrive and depart.

Do you pay for special assistance at the airport?

No! Whether you are a PWD or a differently disabled person or have some short-term disability, you don't need to pay EasyJet special assistance cost. However, in rare cases, some charges might apply, but they, of course, will be minimal. You can get detailed information about special assistance costs in your case by speaking to the EasyJet customer support team directly.

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